#RIP Chester Bennington

I’ve not been around much due to health reasons but I couldn’t not say something about Chester Bennington. I’ve been a huge fan of Linkin Park’s for years. The first time I heard In the End that was it. I own almost all of their music, with my #1 favorite being Leave Out All The… Read More #RIP Chester Bennington

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‘Taking Lance’ Finale and Other Updates

Hello, all. My apologies in advance for the annoying GIF at the bottom. I saw it and had to add it. 🙂 Thank you to everyone who has already bought and read Just Friends. I didn’t think that story would ever be published but I’m glad it’s finally out in the world. Check out two… Read More ‘Taking Lance’ Finale and Other Updates

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Social Media

Over the past week or so I’ve received a lot of friend requests on Facebook. Not one or two, but dozens. I don’t accept any request without checking out profiles first but sometimes I miss things. That’s the purpose of this post. Those who’ve been with me from the beginning already know this stuff but… Read More Social Media