Santa Claus & His Unexpected Mate (#7.5) – Logan & Phillip

This is a scene from Chapter 24 of Santa Claus & His Unexpected Mate. This bonus scene is free to the reader but not to be shared, sold, or posted anywhere without my written permission. The same copyright for all my books also applies to this and other bonus scenes from the series.

This is told in Logan’s POV.



Agreeing to work with Phillip Jansen was probably not the smartest thing I’ve done in my forty-three years. Not only is the man only twenty-four, but he’s younger than my own son Lucas by a couple of years. It was hard enough remaining professional when Phillip was a student in one of my classes. Seeing him outside the university setting only makes me want the reindeer more. At least at school I could walk away when the hour and forty-five minutes were over. Now I’ve put myself in a position of working closely with him as a favor for Blake Simpson and North Pole Security. I say favor, but it goes beyond that. We’re trying to bring down the man my son Lucas believed was his biological father until a couple of years ago. Only after I showed up in Luke’s life and DNA tests were run on both of us did he discover I’m his real father who didn’t even know he existed until two short years ago.

I’m Phillip’s mentor, which means I’m his shadow of sorts as he learns the ropes. A bright young man, he’s the perfect candidate to work with Blake. He’s intelligent, has no skeletons in his background, and is willing to work long hours.

Franklin Lanzer, the man my biological son Lucas believed was his father until he was kicked out of the home he grew up in a couple of years ago, is on the run and needs to be caught before he harms not just Lucas but the entire North Pole. With a little help from Santa Claus, I helped bring Phillip to Blake Simpson’s attention. Now Phillip is helping North Pole Security with a little assignment to hopefully take the bastard down once and for all.

I don’t understand what I’m feeling for Phillip. In my forty-three years I’ve never been attracted to a man before. I notice beauty in all genders, of course, but I’ve not found myself having this type of reaction to any other male I’ve come in contact with. I lived in the States for the first forty-one years of my life and I’ve traveled all over the world. I’ve been around a lot of people. I even had sex with a lot of them, but what I’m feeling for Phillip Jansen goes way beyond any of that.

I want Phillip naked in my bed. I want to explore every inch of his beautiful body and I want him to explore mine.

I snort to myself. I wouldn’t even know what to do if he was naked in my bed.

A middle-aged man does not suddenly decide he wants to start having sex with males when he’s only ever wanted females before. He damn sure doesn’t suddenly decide he wants a serious relationship with one. It doesn’t make sense at all. I’m not opposed to being with a man. I’m just surprised that I’m suddenly wanting to be with one is all. My parents taught me from birth that you can’t control who you love regardless of what parts they have. My son’s mate is a male elf. Being gay is as common as being straight in the North Pole. I’d say I was bisexual, but I don’t look at other men the way I do Phillip. I don’t want other men like I do him.

I’ve seen the way Phillip has looked at me since his first day in my class weeks ago, though it’s obvious he’s tried to hide it. A bright young man, whatever was happening when he looked at me didn’t affect his studies. His grades in all his classes (yes, I secretly looked) are off the charts. He’s not had one grade less than perfect since he started at Yuletide University four years ago, and he’s in all advanced classes. He’s three final exams away from completing his schooling and having a degree in Computer Forensic Technology. Because of perfect grades, he and two others in my class were exempt from taking any type of final exam. In other words, he’s no longer officially my student nor is he still off-limits to me.

When I saw Phillip and Santa Claus talking outside the post office, I couldn’t force myself to stay away. They were discussing Phillip’s desire to someday work for Blake Simpson and North Pole Security. I don’t know why I was surprised by Phillip’s interest. What else would he aspire to do in the North Pole with that type of college degree? My suggesting he be an intern for NPS wasn’t done purely for selfish reasons. Phillip’s exactly the type of candidate Blake’s been looking for. I’ve been asked to work for NPS for the past year but have held off as I spent time with Lucas. Luke was ill but is much better now, so I’m willing to take Blake up on his offer.

Phillip, I’ve learned in the past few days, is as lonely as I am. The difference between us is that his only living relative is his nineteen-year-old sister, Liza. I have my parents, Luke and Micah, and Luke’s brother Andrew who I consider a surrogate son after all he’s been through with his real father. After learning that Phillip’s parents had passed and that Liza was in Europe for school, I felt bad for ever complaining about being alone. Even so, when I go home every night to my empty house I’m reminded that I still haven’t found my mate while elves and reindeer around me, some half my age, are finding theirs.

I’m proud for Andrew and happy for Santa for finding each other, but I admit learning they’re mates got to me. I’m thrilled for both men because they each deserve to finally have true happiness. I can be happy for them and still sad in a way because I’m still waiting for a mate of my own. My firm belief in fated mates is one of the main reasons I agreed to move to the North Pole from Seattle after accomplishing everything professionally I’d set out to accomplish. And my parents wanted to retire here, in their home.

I thought I could hide my little crush on Phillip, but that flew out the window tonight.

I didn’t expect to react the way I have tonight as I’ve watched him groping Andrew as they pretend to try to hook up in a bar in Mistletoe Hill. I’m not jealous of Drew – fated mates can’t cheat and he’s Santa’s – nor am I jealous thinking Phillip wants Drew. I know he doesn’t. I’m jealous because Drew is exactly where I want to be. I want my hands on Phillip and I want his on me.

I force all that out of my head when I see Franklin Lanzer making his way over to Drew and Phillip. I smile to myself when Drew acts angry for being interrupted by his father when anybody paying attention would believe that Drew and Phillip were seconds away from hooking up. I’m at the other end of the bar nursing a beer and pretending I’m not watching their every move. If Franklin were to look closely in my direction, no doubt he’d recognize me. I’ve been the bane of his existence for a while now, especially since I discovered he’d been stealing tens of millions of dollars from major corporations all over the world for decades. It’s not like I’m in any type of disguise other than an old Mariners baseball cap. I’m guessing what he has to say to his son outweighs the risks of being seen by others who are looking for him.

I can’t hear what’s being said but it’s obvious that Drew and Phillip are playing their parts well. While I’d prefer to every word spoken, it’s best to not risk it. Franklin’s already proven himself violent. I’d hate for Drew or Phillip to get caught in the crossfire if he were to recognize me. It was decided that only Dylan and Randy would wear audio receivers in the field, and Blake will make sure Santa hears whatever needs to be heard at his place as they wait for us to return. Even so, eyes are on Drew and his father by one or all of us at all times.

Phillip glares at Franklin after saying something to Drew and then he’s heading my way. Without stopping, he gives me a look and motions toward the entrance, walking until he’s through the crowd and outside the door. Needing to get out while Drew’s still talking to his dad, I throw a ten on the bar and follow Phillip out, meeting him in an alley on the side of the bar. He’s grinning from ear to ear.

“What are you smiling about?” I ask when I get close to him.

“I think we pulled it off,” he responds. His eyes widen. “Wait. You were just eyes, right? You didn’t decide to wear the receiver, did you, Mr. Wyatt?”

Why does he look a little panicked over the thought of me listening? Unless he said something to Drew he didn’t want me to hear while they were pretending?

“No. Only Randy and Dylan. The man knows me. Unlike them, I was out in the open. I couldn’t chance getting caught with it and blowing everything out of the water. And how many times do I have to tell you to call me Logan? I stopped being Mr. Wyatt when you finished my class.”

He makes an audible sigh of relief. “Okay, yeah, cool. Um, Logan. Should we head back before somebody sees us talking?”

I take a step closer, forcing myself to not pull him into my arms right there in the dark alley.

“Phillip, was something said in there that you didn’t want me to hear?”

“Not at all,” he says much too quickly. “We should probably get going.”

He walks by me to the end of the alley and sticks his head out a little.

“What’s happening?” I ask him quietly as I follow him.

“His dad’s just outside the door in the shadows,” he whispers. “Drew must know he’s there because he’s talking to another guy a few yards away.” He looks over at me. “What do we do? If we walk out now, we’ll be seen together.”

I watch Drew slip away as a drunken reindeer stumbles and bumps into Franklin, calling his attention away from his son. Dylan’s off to the side in the crowd. I get his attention and he holds up his phone before typing out something. Moments later, his text comes through.

“What did he say?” Phillip asks me as I look at my phone.

“He paid the drunk guy to distract Franklin and he said for us to head on over to Santa’s place. They’ll meet us there shortly.”

“I guess we’re going together?” he asks, sounding uncertain. “I mean, you were already here when I got here earlier.”

“I rode with Dylan,” I tell him. I raise a brow. “If you don’t want to take me back…?”

“No!” he says quickly. “It’s not that at all, Mr. Wyatt, I mean, Logan. I do. I want you to ride me.” He closes his eyes and blows out a breath. “Fuck. Not what I meant. I mean, it is, but shit.”

I smile at his embarrassed stammering.

He opens his eyes and shakes his head a little. “I’m always so tongue-tied around you.”

“It’s okay, Phillip. I knew what you meant. I won’t fall off and I’ll hold on to your clothes if you want.” I look around. “Unless you brought a backpack or something?”

He shakes his head. “I shared Drew’s. It didn’t cross my mind that we might be leaving separately.”

“I’ll hold them.”

I’m trying to force myself to get beyond the fact that to shift and fly, reindeer have to be naked.



The man I’ve fantasized about for weeks.

How exactly do you hide a hard-on when you’re riding on a reindeer’s back?

Phillip kicks his shoes off and rushes to shove his jeans down and off. He turns his back on me but not before I see his hard cock jutting away from his body. I couldn’t look away if I tried.

He looks at me over his shoulder, his face turning a nice shade of pink.

“Well, that’s embarrassing,” he says with a humorless laugh.

I walk closer, having to force my eyes to stay above his waist.

“Why is it embarrassing?” I ask him.

“It just is, Mr. Wyatt.” He shoves his shirt over his head and rolls his clothes up, somehow managing to secure his shoes and socks before handing them to me. He’s looking everywhere but at me. “Sometimes having to be naked to shift is a bad thing.”

“Look at me, Phillip.”

His eyes come up to meet mine.

“No, look at me, Phillip,” I repeat, adding emphasis.

His eyes go from mine down my body, stopping on my erection for several seconds before moving back up to look me in the eye.

“You too?” he whispers.

“Since the first time I saw you.”

“Me too,” he says, his face breaking out into a big smile. “I had a hard time concentrating in your class.”

I walk the three steps it takes for me to be close enough to almost touch him. “I had a hard time teaching you, scared you and the other students would start asking why I sat behind my desk so much.”

“I had to keep a notebook in my lap during your classes,” he tells me.

I bring a hand up and cup his cheek before leaning in and kissing him softly on the lips before pulling back. “Let’s get back and then we’ll talk.”

“So, there might be a chance for, you know, you and me?” he asks, the hope in his eyes telling me all I need to know about how he feels.

“It’s kind of looking more like a sure thing.”

“Then hold on.”

I watch as he shifts into his true form, a light brown reindeer. He flattens his body and I climb on his back, being careful to hold on to him and his clothes. He looks back to make sure I’m secure before he’s taking off to the skies.

It takes a half-hour to get to Santa’s house and few minutes longer to ensure we’re not seen arriving. Phillip lands behind a row of high shrubbery, flattens his body so I can slide off, then shifts, leaving him standing there in all his naked glory.

“I’m almost twenty years older than you,” I tell him.

“Does it matter?”

“It probably should, but right now I don’t give a damn about the age difference.”


I shake my head. “No.”

His arms are around me before I realize it’s happening and his mouth is coming down on mine. As soon as our tongues come together something happens that goes beyond a mere kiss. His hands go to my ass and he lifts me so my legs can wrap around his waist, my jean-covered cock pressing against his bare one. He massages my ass and kisses me until we’re forced to pull back.

“Damn, Logan. I’ve wanted to do that for so long.”

“Me too. We’ll pick this up later?”

“Oh, hell yeah.”

He puts me down and hurries to get dressed. Only after we’re sure we don’t look like we’re dying to fuck each other do we walk around to the back door and I enter the security code and walk in without knocking, per Santa’s earlier instructions.

Between Willy’s horny elf self needing his reindeer to ‘service him’ and Santa freaking out because Drew’s not back yet, things are a little strange after we meet them in the living room. Willy and Seth Grant are dancing on an antique table, giggling about a Mrs. Claus incident – facilitated by Willy – that involved purple water sprayed from sprinklers and a bit of temporary hair dye and colored body wash. Lucas and Micah are all over each other on one of the sofas. There are at least a dozen bottles of Peppermint Whiskey and plastic tumblers scattered about and music is playing from somebody’s phone. We’re both handed full glasses. I almost don’t drink it. Peppermint Whiskey is an aphrodisiac for elves. But then I look over at Phillip and he waggles his eyebrows at me and I know I’m going to let my hair down a little and have fun. It’s not something I’ve allowed myself to do, well, ever. Not since I moved here anyway. My time in the North Pole until last year was spent diligently trying to find my son. Since then, I’ve worked on getting settled at the university and other projects and getting to know Lucas, Micah, and their friends.

Shortly after we arrive, Dylan and Cole walk in carrying take-out containers from Velma’s diner.

After sorting out the food and giving updates to Santa and Blake, Dylan says to Santa Claus, “You might want to take this little party somewhere else in the house before he arrives. It’s likely that Drew will be followed and if there’s any sign of life outside of you, especially a drunken elf party, the noise will be heard when you open the door.”

When Drew gets here he has to give Santa an envelope his father demanded he give him, and then pretend as if he and Santa aren’t head over heels in love with each other. Drew did a good job playing the part earlier so no doubt he’ll do well being mean to Santa. After we all make our way downstairs to Santa’s old elf workshop, the music is cut off to prevent being heard when Santa opens the door for his mate.

What I don’t think any of us expect is what happens after Drew rings the doorbell a few minutes later and comes inside the house.



I don’t think he and Santa made it but a few feet before their clothes started coming off. They couldn’t have gone far because we’re forced to listen to every grunt, groan, and body slap that happens over the next few minutes. Luke looks uncomfortable as Micah leans into him. Blake and Seth take off upstairs somewhere, and Dylan and Cole go to a dark corner in the back of the old elf workshop. If they’re affected by the sex happening upstairs, they’re not showing it. Randy sits down and spreads his legs for his elf to get between them. Willy starts dancing and wiggling his butt for his reindeer, who’s watching him like he’s the most precious being in the world. To Randy, he is.

By the time Phillip guides me to one of the old elf worktables, I’ve already had a couple of big glasses of Whiskey so I don’t complain when he lifts me up to sit on it so I’m able to look at him eye to eye. With Phillip being a reindeer and me being an elf, the height difference is pretty substantial. His hands go to my legs and spread them slightly so he can get between them. Before I realize what’s happening our mouths are coming together and my legs are wrapping around his tall body. I forget everybody and everything around us. We don’t rush to take things further. We take our time, kissing slowly. When Phillip’s hands go to my ass to pull me a little closer, I allow it. The first feel of his erection against mine almost has me shooting inside my jeans like a horny teenager.

I faintly hear the others talking, but all I care about is the man in my arms.

We only pull apart when Santa and Drew walk down and Seth drunkenly calls them out after having just come back into the basement with his reindeer.

“Unless you want a bunch of naked things happening in your big house, I suggest next time taking it to a bedroom and closing the door if you have company, especially if said company has been in the Peppermint Whiskey. I almost dropped trou and bent over right here in front of everybody.”

“I’m pretty sure they don’t want to know the details about our sex life, Seth,” Blake says softly, looking a little embarrassed.

“Wanna bet?” Willy calls out. “I do.”

“We do too,” Micah says, nudging his mate. “Don’t we, Luke?”

All eyes go to Lucas. “Hey, don’t look at me. I had to cover my ears earlier while those two were,” he waves a hand in Santa and Drew’s direction, “you know. I could’ve gone my whole life without hearing my brother having sex.” He motions to Phillip and me. “It’s bad enough I’ve had to watch my father with his tongue down Phillip’s throat.”

I almost bury my face in Phillip’s neck from embarrassment. No one in this room has ever seen me with anybody, male or female. I know seeing me with young Phillip has to be a bit of a shock, especially to Lucas.

“Hold up,” Willy yells. “Hold it, hold it, hold it. Logan Wyatt, you got some ‘plainin’ to do, elf.”

“What are you talking about?” I ask him.

“Never, not one time, did you ever even hint that you were interested in cock.”

“Willy!” Randy scolds.

“Shut it, Randy. I’m mad,” Willy slurs, standing up to his full height, which isn’t much. He points at me. “You specifically said you were into women only.”

“No, I didn’t,” I tell him.

“Well, you implied it, did you not?” Willy snaps. “Had I known you liked getting naked with dudes I’d have done better with my matchmaking. I was looking at elves and reindeer with the wrong parts. That’s sneaky, Logan Wyatt, to put me off the scent like that.”

I’m thankful for the muted lighting when I feel the embarrassed flush on my neck and face. “I, um, have never been with a guy before.” I shrug my shoulders. “Never wanted to until now, to be honest.”

“Ever?” Phillip asks me, sounding surprised. I nod. “But you’re with me.”

“Are you not mates?” Seth asks. Blake tries to shush him, but he shakes his head. “I mean, it’s obvious you’re mates even to my little human self.”

I look up at Phillip, whose arms are loosely around me. “We are, aren’t we?” he asks softly. “Mates, I mean.”

“If not, there’s something else pretty serious happening between us.” I look down. “The first time I saw you I felt something. It’s been hard hiding it.”

Phillip’s finger goes to my chin and lifts it where he’s looking me in the eye.

“No other guy? Ever?” I shake my head. “But you want me?”

“More than I’ve ever wanted anyone in my life.”

There’s a collective awww from the others that I force myself to ignore.

“Oh, we have to go, like now,” Phillip tells me as he helps me down from the worktable.

“Where are we going?” I ask him.

“Somewhere we can be alone. I just… I had no idea. We have to go,” he repeats. He looks over at Blake. “Thank you for letting me be part of tonight, Blake.”

“Good job, Jansen.” He smiles at both of us. “We’ll talk soon about your new sleeping arrangements. This little turn of events might even make it easier for all parties involved except the boss man over there.”

“What new sleeping arrangements?” Santa asks him.

“Drew will tell you later.”

“Excuse me a moment,” I say to Phillip before walking over to Luke and Micah.

I squat down on the floor next to them and take Luke’s hands in mine. I motion behind me.

“Are you okay with this?” I ask him just loud enough to be heard by him and his mate, knowing I’d walk away from Phillip without hesitation, mate or no mate, if my son doesn’t give his blessing.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“He’s so young, son; younger than you.”

“And that number means absolutely nothing when you’re with the one you’re meant to be with, Dad. Be happy.”

“And, you?” I ask Micah, forcing myself not to get emotional in front of everybody.

“Phillip’s a good man, Logan,” Micah assures me. “And it’s obvious from where I’m sitting that he already worships the ground you walk on. Like Luke said, be happy.”

“Thank you.”

Luke grabs me and pulls me into a hug and holds me close for several minutes. We have to wipe our eyes when we pull back.

“We’ll talk soon?” I ask him as I stand.

“Of course,” Luke answers. “Go have fun with your mate. I’m really happy for you, Dad.”

“Me too,” I say softly before walking over to Phillip and taking his hand.

With a quick wave, we’re rushing up the stairs with Blake Simpson calling out, “Don’t be seen together.”

Before we walk out of the house, Phillip’s arms go around me and he kisses me hard before pulling back.

“My place? It’s not far.”

I nod and follow him out, being careful to stay in the shadows in case Franklin or anybody else is watching. Instead of stripping and shifting, he takes my hand and guides me through the gardens until we get to a trail that takes us away from the Claus estate toward Reindeer Village. We walk out of the woods sometime later to the backyard of a small cottage. He unlocks the back door and motions me inside the kitchen. I look around and smile. It’s small but tastefully decorated with top-of-the-line appliances.

“I live here with Liza,” he tells me. “We bought the cottage after losing our parents. Too many memories in the house we grew up in. And it was much too big for just the two of us.”

“Where did you live before?”

“Four houses down from the house Luke and Drew lived in with Franklin and Abigail, if you can believe that. I went to school with both of them but didn’t know either that well.”

I walk over and put my hands on his hips. “What will Liza say when she finds out about us, Phillip?”

He grins. “She’ll say it’s about damn time.”

“What do you mean?”

“She’s known about my crush on you since my first day of class. I’ve talked about my hot professor a lot during our calls and video chats.”

That gives me all kinds of feels.

“What were you afraid I’d heard between you and Andrew in Mistletoe Hill?” I ask him.

“When we were waiting on Franklin to show up he talked about Santa and how happy he was. Knowing they’re mates had me asking how it feels when you just know because I was convinced I’d met mine. I wanted to be sure. He knew right off I was talking about you. Or he was hoping I was anyway.”


“Yeah. You may not be his bio dad but you don’t have to be. He sees you as more of a father than his real one. He wants you to be happy.”

“I’ve considered him my son since the day I met him.”

He smiles. “He approves, by the way.”

“Does he now?” I ask with a grin.

“Oh, yeah.”

I look up at him. “Phillip, I don’t know what I’m doing here.”

He cups my face with his palm. “You’ve really not been with a man before?”

I shake my head. “All of this with you is brand new.”

“You don’t doubt we’re mates, do you?” he asks, sounding nervous.

“No. I think I’ve known for a few weeks.”

“But how do you know if you’ve never been with a guy before, Logan?”

I tap my chest over my heart. “I feel it here.” I tap my forehead. “I feel it here.” I take his hand and put it on my erection. “I feel it here.”

“Come on then,” he says, taking my hand and guiding me through the cottage until we get to his bedroom. Just inside the door, he slowly strips out of his clothes, watching me as I do the same.

“I don’t have the body of a twenty-something,” I tell him when we’re both naked.

“Logan, If I wanted a twenty-something, I’d be with a twenty-something. I want to be with you.”

He pulls me into his arms and leans down and kisses me slowly. When his cock slides against mine I almost shoot like a teenager.

“I want your first time to be good,” he pulls back to whisper.

“How do you want me?”

I’m more nervous than I’ve ever been before a sexual encounter. Phillip isn’t just a man. He’s my mate. What if I do something wrong and he decides he doesn’t want an inexperienced middle-aged guy? I know I’m not thinking logically as mates only want each other and aren’t capable of cheating, but I can’t help it.

“Stop thinking so much, Logan. We’ll take it slow.”

He reaches between us and takes my dick in his hand and slowly slides up and down, his eyes on mine. “You’re so sexy.”

I smile. “You’re the sexy one. I want it to be good for you, Phillip.”

“It will be. I want you inside me the first time. Later, we can figure out what works best for us, but I’ve wanted you to fuck me since I laid eyes on you in class that first day.”

He squeezes the head of my cock and I groan out loud.

“Keep doing that and it’ll be over before it starts.”

He pulls his hand away and walks to the bed and crawls to the center. After rolling onto his back, he spreads his legs a little.

He holds his hand out for me. “Come here.”

I stop to get a good look at his gorgeous naked body. He’s six-foot-something of pure perfection. Dark brown hair with matching eyes, he has a thin coating of chest hair that I’m dying to rub my face in. There’s a thin happy trail that leads to a long, thick cock surrounded by pubic hair trimmed close to his body. I’ve never in my life seen anything, anyone, so beautiful.

“Our going slow won’t be possible if you keep looking at me like that, Logan.”

My eyes to up to his. “You’re perfect, Phillip.”

“It doesn’t feel uncomfortable to you?” he asks. “With this being your first time with a guy, I mean.”

I shake my head. “It feels right.”

He grins. “Are you going to join me or do I need to start without you?”

I’m on him before he can blink. He chuckles and wraps his arms around me and rolls our bodies where I’m lying on my back and he’s on top. I grab his ass and pull him down hard against me so his cock is lined with mine.

“Holy hell,” I gasp as our wet cock heads slide against each other.

I slide my hands up and down his back, stopping and squeezing his ass cheeks as he grinds against me. His lips come down and brush against mine, his tongue sliding across my bottom lip but not going inside.

“Quit teasing,” I grumble.

He lifts his head and takes deep breaths.

“If I kiss you properly I won’t be able to go slow. I want it to be good for you, but damn, I’m having a hard time. I’ve wanted you inside me for so long I don’t think I can wait any longer.”

“We can go slow next time?” I ask him, hoping we can get with the program already.

He nods and climbs off me, much to my chagrin.

“Where are you going?” I ask him.

“Supplies. I’ll be right back.”

He walks across the room and digs through the top drawer of his dresser before turning back holding a condom, bottle of lube, and holy shit, a dildo that’s at least nine inches long and thick.


“It’s to get me ready fast,” he says, walking back over and tossing them on the bed.

I scoot over so he can lie down beside me.

“Get to the end of the bed and watch me prep my asshole for your dick.”

I hurry to do his bidding, my cock harder than it’s ever been in my life.

He shoves two pillows behind his head to elevate him slightly and spreads his legs wide, giving me the perfect view of his asshole. With trembling fingers, he pours a lot of lube on the fake cock and spreads it until it’s completely covered. I groan when he lifts his ass a little and pushes the head of the dildo against his hole. He closes his eyes and takes several deep breaths before pushing the head of the toy against his opening while pushing his body down onto it, the thick head going just inside his narrow passage.

“Fuck,” he grunts as he holds it still.


He shakes his head and after a few more deep breaths he’s slowly sliding the fake dick further into his asshole, stopping every inch or so for a few moments before pushing more in. Only when it’s as far inside as it can go do his eyes pop open.

“Move it in and out of me, Logan.”

I push his hand and away and do as instructed, starting slow so I won’t hurt him. He shakes his head.

“Go faster. Fuck me with it. Get me ready for your cock.”

I slide the dildo almost all the way out before shoving it back in hard. He groans and grabs the comforter next to him and lifts up to meet it. Feeling more confident, I do as he asks – I fuck him hard and fast, his sounds making me almost shoot without even touching myself.

“That’s it, Logan,” he groans, his eyes closed tight. “Harder.”

I reach over and grab his hand and replace mine with it. His eyes pop open.

“I can’t wait anymore, Phillip.”

I reach over and grab the condom that he threw on the bed earlier. With shaky fingers, I somehow manage to open it and get it rolled down over my dick before pouring lube on it. I slowly stroke it before reaching down and slowly sliding the fake dick out of Phillip, his heavy breathing and groans letting me know he’s as desperate as I am.

His eyes on mine, he takes it from me and tosses it somewhere before spreading his legs wider for me and lifting up a little, his feet resting on the bed. I crawl between them and tap his thigh with my cock.

“Stop teasing, Logan. I need you now.”

Using one elbow to balance myself over him, I use my other hand and blindly guide my dick to his hole and hold still.

“Now, Logan. Please.”

I snap my hips and just the head of my cock goes inside him. I have to take several deep breaths to prevent myself from coming before I make it all the way in. When I feel a little more in control, I slide all the way inside without stopping again. His asshole grips me hard like a vice.

“Oh,” he gasps.

I open my eyes. “Is it okay? Do I need to pull out?”

He grabs my ass with his hands and squeezes hard. “Hell, no. I need you to start moving.”

I may not have ever done this with a man before, but my body knows exactly what to do. I start out fucking him slow, knowing if I speed up it’ll be over before either of us are ready.

There are no words to describe how good it feels. In this moment, it’s like everything I’ve never known I needed is being given to me.

I’ve had sex with more females than I could even attempt to count in my forty-three years; some humans, Luke’s reindeer mother, and a few elves while visiting the North Pole. None of those experiences meant anything to either myself or my partner. It was simply a means to gain mutual pleasure, nothing more.

Being inside Phillip Jansen is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and suddenly every prior encounter is forgotten.

I close my eyes and just feel, knowing after it’s over I won’t be able to go back to being who I was before.

“You feel it, don’t you, Logan?” he asks on a long groan.

“Yes,” I grunt, speeding up my thrusts. “It’s everything.”

“You’re everything,” he moans.


That’s all it takes for me to start slamming into his tight ass in quick thrusts. I must hit his prostate because he howls out in pleasure. I keep thrusting until I find that spot that makes him lose control, slamming into him over and over until he’s babbling almost incoherently about how good it feels, how good I feel.

“I can’t hold out,” I gasp, feeling the tightening in my balls telling me it’ll all be over soon. “I need to come now.”

“Do it,” he grunts.

I somehow manage to reach between us to grab his cock. I’ve barely touched it before he’s arching his back and crying out as he comes all over my fingers. That’s all it takes for me to thrust into him one last time, shouting out his name as my cock unloads inside the condom in his ass. The aftershocks haven’t even stopped before he’s yanking my head down and kissing me long and slow as we both wait to come down from our orgasmic high.

I pull out of the kiss and put my head on his shoulder and his arms come around and hold me close to his chest.

“I’m never letting you go, Logan Wyatt,” he murmurs in my hair.

I lift my head to look at him, a little surprised to see his eyes are misty. “I’m never letting you go, Phillip Jansen.”

It’s a long time before we separate to clean up. When we come back together we fall into each other’s arms like it’s where we’re meant to be because it is where we’re meant to be.

I know there will be challenges. Phillip’s younger than my son and I’ve lived an entire lifetime when he’s only just begun his. Holding him in my arms, I know everything that happens between us in the coming days and years will be worth it. It’ll be worth it because we’re mates and are meant to be together. I know it’s way too soon to tell him I love him but I do. I think I fell in love with Phillip Jansen the moment I laid eyes on him at Yuletide University back in August. I may not have understood it then but I do now. He’s my mate, my forever love. I squeeze him a little tighter and smile, now having everything I ever wanted, everything I ever dreamed of.

I have my mate.