Celebrating 10 Years of Publishing

Today is a big day for me. Exactly 10 years ago I took one of the biggest chances of my life and hit publish on one of my stories for the first time. There aren’t enough words to describe how terrified I was to put myself out into the world like that. I’d been writing for years, but I never shared my stories with anybody – until Taking Lance. I allowed my best friend to read it, and the rest (as they say) is history. I’ll forever credit her for every single book I ever publish. If she ever gets tired of me and dumps my butt as a friend, I’ll still credit her for everything. 😉

Goodreads says I’ve published 25 books total since then, but I didn’t manually count them before typing this. That doesn’t even count my pen name stories that I’ve published.

My original plan to celebrate my publishing anniversary was to write a quick update telling the readers what Rick and Lance are up to these days. Unfortunately, a serious health issue prevented that. I’ve recently spent close to a week in the hospital, with 3 of those in ICU. While I won’t say I’m 100% right now, I will say that I’m doing better. I could say it wasn’t anything serious, but it damn sure could’ve been. I had a bad internal infection that could’ve easily turned into sepsis had my husband and doctor not insisted I go to the emergency room when I did. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the gist of it.

I’m a very private person when it comes to my real world. I’ve discussed my ADHD and migraines in blog posts, but there are other issues I’ve never gone into. I’m happy to finally have a diagnosis, but I’m also frustrated because there’s no cure or real treatment for it. It’s not fatal, just frustrating to have to live with. Even so, I’m doing better now thanks to the hospital stay, antibiotics, and my husband and sons who have taken good care of me.

With that being said, no Taking Lance update. I had really hoped to do something special to celebrate my 10th year, but unfortunately that’s off the table for now. What I’ve done instead is make the Taking Lance complete series available free on Amazon today only.

I can’t tell you how much I adore Rick and Lance, Lance especially. Those were my first guys, and they’ll forever hold a special place in my heart. Just note that their stories were written before I started writing M/M almost exclusively, so don’t go into these books expecting more of the same. It’s not there. There’s a massive age gap, and lots of sex with others on-page. Rick is bisexual and hooks up with quite a few women and men before he and Lance are exclusive – often at the same time. Once they’re exclusive, no others are brought into their beds.

If that’s not your cup of tea, please don’t read it. Shoot me a message and I’ll gladly send you an e-copy of one of my other books, your choice. This does not apply to the Purrs series that has been put on hold.

Thank you to every reader who has picked up not just the Taking Lance series but any of my books. Without you I wouldn’t still be doing what I love a decade later.

Thank you BIG to my best friend who fell in love with Rick Preston long before I did. 😉 Lots of love, my friend. Also, a big thanks to my husband who may not understand it, but he supports it anyway.

You can find the link for the full series on Amazon here. Remember, it’s free today only.

Until next time,