Happy Holidays!

It’s doubtful I’ll have time to pop back on here closer to Christmas, so I wanted to go ahead and wish everyone Happy Holidays!

I also wanted to thank all of you who have kept all my Christmas stories alive over the past few holiday seasons. There’s no greater compliment to an author than when readers tell you they reread your books as you guys have with my pervy Willy series. I know Willy is sometimes a pain in the butt – okay he’s always a pain in the butt – but y’all have kept him and my warped version of the North Pole successful since the first book was published back in 2014.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 9 years since I wrote that silly story for a now defunct publisher’s open submission for a kinky Christmas story. I waited 16 weeks before pulling Willy from consideration – they jerked me and other authors around for all that time – and I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to self-publish it. Had it been published with that publisher, it likely would’ve been butchered to death by their editors, and what I wanted to convey with Willy would’ve been lost along the way. It also never would’ve turned into a series.

Expect a Willy short next year to celebrate his and Randy’s 10th anniversary.

I hope everybody has an amazing Christmas and a very happy New Year. I’ll be spending a few days with my husband, three sons, and their significant others. Two of my sons live and/or work out of state, so I’m excited they’ll both be home soon.

New Year’s Eve will be spent at home with my husband, with New Year’s Day being all about Alabama Football. I’m crossing my fingers for another championship.

Whatever you guys do, stay safe, and I’ll see you after the first of the year.

Until next time,


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