Change of Plans

I’d planned to publish Cupid (Love Gods, #2) on January 10th. That obviously did not happen. And now I’m once again being forced to push it back.

Simply put, due to health issues, I’m not in a position of getting it ready to be published by Valentine’s Day of 2023. The story is long done. I’ve self-edited it to death. The blurb and cover are done. Even so, there are still a few more things that need to be checked that I simply can’t do right now due to health reasons. I’ve not even sent the book to my best friend yet, when I send everything to her.

The health thing doesn’t appear to be anything serious, just a certain vitamin deficiency that’s made me sluggish and feel like I’m in a fog. I’m in the process of being treated for it, so I’m sure I’ll be as good as new soon – just not soon enough to publish my Valentine’s story.

Since it has been put off yet again, if you’re interested in reading an advanced reader’s copy (ARC) of Cupid between now and January 1st of 2024, shoot me a message and I’ll send it your way. Just note that it won’t make much sense if you’ve not read Eros. Eros is in Kindle Unlimited for those who subscribe to it.

You can read the blurb for Cupid here. I’m sure I’ll be putting it up for pre-order on Amazon in the coming weeks.

I hope you’re all doing well. I’ll pop back in when I’m able.

Until next time,


P.S. To those who asked… the Purrs series is still temporarily on hold. Click the link and it’ll take you to a page of all my books. Scroll down and you’ll see the series. Just click the individual book links and they’ll take you to the blurbs.


Uvalde, Texas

Like everyone else, I’m disgusted by what happened at the elementary school in Texas this week. I’m angry. I’m hurting for those who lost loved ones. I’m sickened that it was allowed to happen again.

In what universe does anyone outside of military need the type of firearms that were used? Why were they so easily accessible?

Schools should be safe places. Parents should not worry every day if their child/ren will be coming home. People go on and on about gun control but these things keep happening. Do I think it’s doable to ban all guns in America? No. Anybody who thinks otherwise is (in my opinion) delusional. We’re too far gone. If you ban guns do you honestly believe the bad guys will just turn theirs over? Of course not. There are just too many out there. It would take me less than 5 minutes to buy one right now if I wanted to. I wouldn’t even have to ask privately. I could get on my personal (not Candi Kay) Facebook page and put a request out there and have several available within minutes.

I just don’t understand why both political sides can’t get together on this. I don’t identify as a republican or a democrat because neither side is actually working for us. I think both are so eager to fight with each other that nothing is being done for us, the people. Nothing was done for those children and two teachers who were lost in this last incident alone, or the husband of one of those teachers who died of a heart attack not long after. Did Columbine and Sandy Hook teach us anything at all? Oh, there’s lots of talk, but nothing ever gets done.

There’s more security at my local Walmart than at most schools. What does that say about us? That goods in a store are more important than our children?

Make it harder to buy guns. Add more mental health resources. There’s literally nothing in my state. Our one and only in-house mental health facility was closed years ago. Why, I have no idea. Our politicians said it should be shut down so it was shut down. End of story.

Do something already and stop with just the thoughts and prayers and actually do something. Quit fighting amongst yourselves simply because you’re in opposing political parties. Those babies deserved so much more, as did their teachers. Their parents deserved so much more.

I’ll predict this… nothing is going to change. It didn’t happen after Columbine or Sandy Hook or any of the others. Our politicians are too busy posturing for the cameras to get off their asses and actually do something about the problem.

Quit talking and do something.

I live in the South. I grew up around guns. My father collected them and had so many I lost count when we went through his things after his death. I grew up being taught to respect them, not just pick one up at the first sign of anger or whatever. People love to go on and on about us southerners and how gun happy we are. There are a select few who hear ‘gun control’ and get crazy, but I can assure you that a majority of us want something to finally be done just as much as everybody else claims to.

I can’t say anymore because it’s all too upsetting.

Hug your babies a little tighter tonight. Keep pushing our so-called leaders until they actually do something. Push until seeing shootings on the news is no longer an every day thing. Keep pushing until somebody actually listens and acts.

I won’t debate this with anyone. Any argumentative comments won’t be approved and will be deleted. When I mention gun control people come out of the woodwork. I won’t be going back and forth with anybody.