New Series! Silas (Purrs, #1) Up For Pre-Order

My late sister loved cats. If she saw one, she had to love on it. She didn’t just love on them. She took them in, got them spayed or neutered, and made sure they had everything they needed. We always jokingly called her our resident cat lady. Trust me, that wasn’t an insult to her. She was perfectly happy with the title.

Back in February around her birthday, a story idea popped in my head about shifters. When we think shifters it’s normally the bigger animals like Santa’s reindeer in my Willy the Kinky Elf series, or maybe bears or lions. We definitely don’t think common house cats, though the shifters in the Purrs series would definitely take offense to being called common anything. 😉

Once the idea took hold, I ran with it. In under 3 weeks I’d written an entire 5-book series. Well, 5 and a half because of a quickie short that’s thrown in at the end of the last book. These aren’t 80,000+ word novels. The stories in the Purrs series range from 20,000 to 32,000 words. In other words, quick novellas, so things happen fairly quickly for all the couples.

The series centers around Finian Kitt and his five adult children – Lyn, Cosmo, Silas, Indigo, and Larkin – and their successful cat-themed bar, Purrs. In this world of shifters, there are fated mates, though not many find theirs in their lifetimes. The world’s a big place. Finian met his once, but they aren’t together for reasons neither man talks about.

The first book in the series is Silas (Purrs, #1) about Silas Kitt and Stuart Parker. Silas has been living under Stu’s roof for a year – as Stu’s pet cat. It’s not like Si can just blurt out that he’s actually a cat shifter and that Stuart is his fated mate. So, what to do? Silas has already waited a year. He knows he can’t keep it going the way it has been.

It’s taken out of his hands one night when Silas’ very human side just happens to bump into Stuart at Purrs.

There’s a little bit of humor – Silas is a total cat diva – some insta-love that comes with fated mates, and family.

Which brings me to trigger warnings for the entire series. Below is in the very front of each book –

When Keiran Parker (main character in Indigo, secondary in Silas) was just shy of fifteen, something happened involving a teacher. Some readers may be triggered by this. While no graphic details are on-page, the topic is still discussed in Silas (Purrs, #1) and Indigo (Purrs, #2).

There is some discussion about child and animal neglect in Cosmo (Purrs, #3), Larkin (Purrs, #4), and Finian (Purrs, #5). Although nothing is described in detail, readers should be aware of it.

As for Lyn’s story (#5.5), there’s nothing triggering, nor does the story have to be read at all as far as the series is concerned. It’s little more than a F/F sex scene when Lyn finds her mate.

Silas (#1) is up for pre-order on Amazon, with a publishing date of October 1st. With each story being ready, they’ll be staggered over a period of weeks as far as their publishing dates.

The Purrs books can not be read as standalones. While each couple gets their HEA at the end of their individual books, the story as a whole plays out until the very end.

I hope you all enjoy my little cat-themed series that was written solely to honor my sweet, late sister. Something tells me she’d be tickled to death, especially with me using PURRS as the title and name of club.

You can pre-order Silas from Amazon. It will also be available in Kindle Unlimited.

You can add it on Goodreads here.

Also, I’ll be doing an e-book giveaway of Silas and an ARC of Indigo, the 2nd book in the series, at On Top Down Under Book Reviews in October to celebrate 10 years of On Top Down Under. I’ll also be throwing in a $25.00 Amazon gift card as part of the giveaway. I’ll update on that when I have more info.

I hope you guys enjoy my little cat-themed series. It was a blast to write.

Blurb –

Stuart Parker is looking for love. He goes on the occasional date, but none of the guys want to stick around. If they bother to show up at all. On the rare times a date has come to his house, Stuart’s diva cat didn’t exactly give him a warm welcome. He swears the cat is purposefully sabotaging his love life by hissing, growling, and even hiding his condoms and new underwear.

Si isn’t your typical house cat. He’s been trying to work up the courage to tell Stu the truth for a year, but how do you tell your human mate that you’re not the feline that you appear to be?

After being stood up yet again, Stuart’s brother Keiran takes him to Purrs nightclub, where Kei is the assistant manager. When Stu meets one of the club’s owners, Silas, he’s struck still. Besides being the most beautiful man Stuart has ever seen, the collar he’s wearing looks an awful lot like the one Stu designed for his cat.

You know, his cat named Si.

Life suddenly takes a drastic turn for both human and feline. Has that elusive happily-ever-after Stuart’s been searching for been right under his nose the whole time? Will he run in the opposite direction when he discovers who his pet really is?

Each book in the Purrs series takes place during the same time period. Details from one story may be expanded upon in another. Some events in a previous book might not have taken place yet in a subsequent book.

The books in the Purrs series cannot be read as standalones. While each one focuses on a new couple, their stories are all linked to the series as a whole. Some secondary characters may seem insignificant in one book and be quite significant in another.

Note that past sexual abuse is discussed briefly in Silas (Purrs, #1). While nothing is on-page, this may trigger some readers. Keep this in mind before downloading the book.

New Website Host

I have just (finally!) transferred my domain and hosting from Godaddy. Because of that, there may be a few glitches here and there as I add a few things (tags, categories, etc.) that didn’t transfer over.

I honestly had no clue what I was doing but it worked. 😉

As of now, all of my writing related domains have been transferred. It’s just a matter of taking the others ( and live.

I’ve been trying to get away from Godaddy for years. While I still have a few domains there that are business related, I’m beyond thrilled to finally get away from them for this site. In the coming weeks I’ll be moving everything away from there.

I have a new series publishing soon. I’ll pop back in with another post about that.


Uvalde, Texas

Like everyone else, I’m disgusted by what happened at the elementary school in Texas this week. I’m angry. I’m hurting for those who lost loved ones. I’m sickened that it was allowed to happen again.

In what universe does anyone outside of military need the type of firearms that were used? Why were they so easily accessible?

Schools should be safe places. Parents should not worry every day if their child/ren will be coming home. People go on and on about gun control but these things keep happening. Do I think it’s doable to ban all guns in America? No. Anybody who thinks otherwise is (in my opinion) delusional. We’re too far gone. If you ban guns do you honestly believe the bad guys will just turn theirs over? Of course not. There are just too many out there. It would take me less than 5 minutes to buy one right now if I wanted to. I wouldn’t even have to ask privately. I could get on my personal (not Candi Kay) Facebook page and put a request out there and have several available within minutes.

I just don’t understand why both political sides can’t get together on this. I don’t identify as a republican or a democrat because neither side is actually working for us. I think both are so eager to fight with each other that nothing is being done for us, the people. Nothing was done for those children and two teachers who were lost in this last incident alone, or the husband of one of those teachers who died of a heart attack not long after. Did Columbine and Sandy Hook teach us anything at all? Oh, there’s lots of talk, but nothing ever gets done.

There’s more security at my local Walmart than at most schools. What does that say about us? That goods in a store are more important than our children?

Make it harder to buy guns. Add more mental health resources. There’s literally nothing in my state. Our one and only in-house mental health facility was closed years ago. Why, I have no idea. Our politicians said it should be shut down so it was shut down. End of story.

Do something already and stop with just the thoughts and prayers and actually do something. Quit fighting amongst yourselves simply because you’re in opposing political parties. Those babies deserved so much more, as did their teachers. Their parents deserved so much more.

I’ll predict this… nothing is going to change. It didn’t happen after Columbine or Sandy Hook or any of the others. Our politicians are too busy posturing for the cameras to get off their asses and actually do something about the problem.

Quit talking and do something.

I live in the South. I grew up around guns. My father collected them and had so many I lost count when we went through his things after his death. I grew up being taught to respect them, not just pick one up at the first sign of anger or whatever. People love to go on and on about us southerners and how gun happy we are. There are a select few who hear ‘gun control’ and get crazy, but I can assure you that a majority of us want something to finally be done just as much as everybody else claims to.

I can’t say anymore because it’s all too upsetting.

Hug your babies a little tighter tonight. Keep pushing our so-called leaders until they actually do something. Push until seeing shootings on the news is no longer an every day thing. Keep pushing until somebody actually listens and acts.

I won’t debate this with anyone. Any argumentative comments won’t be approved and will be deleted. When I mention gun control people come out of the woodwork. I won’t be going back and forth with anybody.