Luke the Hybrid Reindeer & His Vivacious Mate (#6.5)

This is a scene from Chapter 14 of Luke the Hybrid Reindeer & His Vivacious Mate. This bonus scene is free to the reader but not to be shared, sold, or posted anywhere without my written permission. The same copyright for all my books also applies to this and other bonus scenes from the series.

This is told in Randy’s POV.



When we get back from the Lanzer house I’m shocked to see Santa Claus outside talking to Dylan, Cole, and Barry.

“Santa, why are you here?” I ask bluntly as I grab my clothes off the porch and start putting them on. “We have things under control.”

“Yes, Santa, why don’t you tell Randy why you’re really here?” Dylan says with a pointed look at the boss man.

“I told you why I was here, Dylan,” he responds. “To check on things.”

“To check on Andrew Lanzer, you mean,” Barry says with a fake cough.

“Word of advice, boss, don’t go there. He’s young and you have way too much baggage,” I tell him.

“And as long as you’re still legally married to your bitch wife, you need get your kicks somewhere else,” Blake adds, slipping into his own jeans. “He’s too good of a guy to be brought into the Claus drama.”

“I agree, sir,” Cole says softly.

“It’s not like that,” Santa comes back at us.

His expression tells us it’s exactly like that but that’s one thing I have no desire to go into right now. When Blake and I are dressed, we all walk inside the cottage.

“I’ll make it quick because it’s getting late and everybody needs to be getting home,” Blake announces to the room. “Earl Edmund was taken into custody and is being processed now.” He blows out a breath. “Franklin Lanzer was not.”

There are gasps and grumbles all around. Blake holds his hand up.

“He overpowered three of my men and two female officers outside the door. One managed to use a stun gun on him but it had no effect. He was undressed and in the sky before anybody could stop him. There are eighteen reindeer looking for him now, with more coming on duty as we speak.”

“My mother?” Luke asks him when he pauses.

“She showed back up after Franklin disappeared, pretending to know nothing about what was going on. A couple of officers are still there questioning her.” He looks at Drew with concern before looking back at Luke. “She blew a gasket when she found out that Drew was injured. She started crying and demanding someone tell her where her ‘poor son’ was.”

“My mother is the queen of crying on cue.”

Blake shakes his head. “These weren’t fake tears. She was extremely upset knowing her husband might have had something to do with Drew being hurt. She threatened to kill him herself, something I never thought I’d hear coming out of her mouth. Not considering how she’s basically been his doormat if what we’ve heard on audio is to go by.”

“Yet she didn’t give a damn when her husband paid somebody to dispose of me,” Luke says with a sad nod. “Not surprising. That just proves yet again that she supported him in his plans.”

It’s easy to see how hurt the poor guy is. Micah’s arms go around him and Logan Wyatt walks over, surprising all of us, I think.

“Don’t,” Logan tells him. “Your mother has issues that I’m sure none of us are aware of. Don’t let her hurt you anymore.”

Blake eyes go to Logan before coming up to meet Luke’s questioningly. After a glance at Logan and a nod from him, Luke makes an announcement that shocks us all. .

“Everybody meet Logan Wyatt, my biological father.”

“Wait,” Blake says sternly. “You don’t know that for sure. Until I see definitive proof I don’t buy it.”

“Actually, we do know that for sure,” Doc speaks up. “The results of the tests on the water bottle from the diner came back earlier today. I personally compared them to Luke’s. Lucas shares fifty percent of Mr. Wyatt’s DNA. The other half is, as you’re aware, Abigail Lanzer’s.”

“When were you going to share this information, Doc?” I ask him, frustrated.

“When my patient, Lucas, asked. It wouldn’t have been shared otherwise, even if Santa ordered it. Patient confidentiality.”

He gives Santa a pointed look before looking at Logan. “Perhaps you can share how your birth records disappeared and then reappeared again, Mr. Wyatt?”

“Sure, Doc. Another time perhaps,” Logan answers.

“What happens now?” Luke asks Blake.

“My people and North Pole Police are going over the Lanzer house with a fine-tooth comb while others are continuing to search for Franklin. Until he’s apprehended consider yourself still in danger. You will remain here-”

“No,” Luke cuts him off. “It’s time for me to start living. I’ll stay here another day or two, but I refuse to stay in hiding.”

“Luke, this isn’t up for discussion,” he comes back at him. “I don’t know how much you saw on the live feed, but Franklin was overheard by no less than thirty reindeer and elves saying he would kill you with his bare hands when finds you.”

“I’ve been hiding for over a year. I refuse to allow that man to have power over me anymore.” Luke looks at Santa, whose eyes are solely on his kid brother. “Santa?” He quickly looks at him. “I’d like to discuss my school situation with you soon.”

“Everything will be back in place in the university’s system by morning. You may continue your education after the first of the year. You’ll also have a list of employment opportunities in your uni email account. You’ll have to apply as other applicants do to keep things fair, but your credentials tell me that you should have a lucrative position likely before you finish your last four weeks of schooling.”

“Thank you, sir.”

I scan the room and see my elf and Seth leaning against each other on the couch. They both look like they’ll be falling over if either of them moves. Small Elf Ricky is passed out, his head in Blake’s human’s lap. Marcus and Master Elf Jason are so into each other they look like they’ll be shoving their pants down and getting it on any second now if we don’t put an end to this little party soon.

“A few days more of staying here won’t hurt,” Blake says, bringing everybody’s attention back to him. “Maybe just until after Christmas.”

“I appreciate everything you’ve all done for me, but I just met my mate and my bio father. I plan to sit with them both at the Christmas party if they’re willing.”

“You have to ask?” Micah asks.

“Absolutely,” Logan adds, smiling.

“I’ve never truly celebrated Christmas, Blake,” Luke continues. “Let me have that this year.”

“You’ll be careful?” he asks, giving in.

“I’ll be careful,” he assures him.

“I want it put on record that I’m against this,” he says loudly.

“As am I,” Dylan concurs. “But I’ve been there, and you’ve had enough people telling you how to live your life, so I get it.”

“I do too,” Blake says with reluctance.

“Okay, now that that’s settled,” I announce. “I think we should collect our elves and human and be on our way. There are only a few days left until Christmas and there’s still a lot of work to be done.”

Jason stands up, pulling Marcus up with him, both breathing heavy. Marcus blushes, but Jason stands tall, not even bothering to cover up the prominent bulge in his jeans.

“Toy making is ahead of schedule and should be completed by tomorrow evening. This is how we were able to be here tonight,” Jason tells us. “For the first time in decades, I must say. It’s amazing what can get done when Mrs. Claus isn’t breathing down our necks. I’ve actually been able to cut the overnight shifts completely, giving the active elves paid time off with their families.”

“Stupid ho better not come near the workshop again,” Willy drunkenly mumbles. “Always getting up in our business, telling us how to do our jobs.”

“Come on, Willy,” I tell him. “Time to get you home.”

I reach down and lift my elf up like a child. His legs immediately wrap around my waist and he starts grinding against me, making my cock so hard I almost take him where we’re standing.

Five years and I still want him every minute of every day.

“You know I won’t make it that far, Randy,” Willy whines into my neck. “I’ve had a few nips of Peppermint Whiskey.”

I grab his ass and give his cheeks a squeeze. “That’s what I’m hoping, elf.”

“Ooh, let’s go then, Mr. Reindeer Man.”

“Soon, baby.”

We hold back as the others prepare to go when I want nothing more than to be able to strip Willy down and shove my cock inside his tight little elf ass.

For the next few minutes, Blake collects his human, Barry gets Ricky, and Jason and Marcus walk through the front door.

“Promise you’ll be careful and not take any unnecessary chances,” Dylan says to Luke when they’ve all walked out.

“I promise.”

“Are you going to be okay, Drew?” he asks Luke’s brother. “If you need to go to the center Cole and I will take you.”

He shakes his head. “I’ll be okay, thanks.”

With a quick nod to Micah and Logan, Dylan and Cole take their leave. A few minutes later Doc and Andrea walk out of the bathroom together, their clothes all kinds of messed up. I raise a brow, shocked over what I’m pretty convinced just happened in the bathroom. Doc? Our Doc? I don’t say anything but my elf doesn’t quite have that problem. Nobody could ever accuse him of being subtle.

“Feeling better now that the stick is no longer up your ass, Andrea?” Willy asks, his legs still wrapped around his reindeer. “Hmm… or maybe you got a better type of stick up your ass cuz I know some girls like their dudes going in the back door. I mean, you’re actually smiling. I’ve never seen you do it before. Somethin’ somethin’ musta felt pretty dang good, as I imagine it would after your long drought. You don’t use it, it might dry up.”

I have to bury my face in his hair when I laugh, trying not to be too obvious about it. Leave it to Willy to get right to the point.

“Did you really just say that out loud?” she hisses at him.

“The truth is the truth. Even Doc is smiling. Doc, have you ever smiled before?”

“I think I speak for both of us when I say bite me, elf,” Andrea says, smiling. She motions for Drew, who gets up and walks over to her. “Drew’s going stay at my place in my extra room. We, I mean, I will be close if something happens.”

We, not I,” Willy chuckles. “Don’t be trying to fake it now, sista. Just try to come up for air long enough to check on young Lanzer here at some point.”

I’m still chuckling as they all go back and forth over where Andrew will be staying tonight.

“Now that that’s settled, goodnight, all,” Doc says, looking embarrassed. He takes Andrea’s hand and walks to the door. “Mr. Wyatt and Lucas, I need to meet with you both soon. Lucas, you’re the first known hybrid reindeer and elf born in the North Pole. I’m sure there will be more now that reindeer and elves are finding themselves mated. Issues could always pop up when species are mixed. I’d like to do some more research now that Logan is here so I’ll know what to prepare for when that happens.”

“Sure,” Luke tells him.

“Of course,” Logan concurs.

“We’re off then,” Doc says and opens the front door.

“I’ve got a question for you, Doc,” Willy slurs before he can walk through it.

“The answer’s no,” Doc comes back at him without missing a beat, but he’s smiling.

“No, silly, I have a real question. What’s your first name?”


“We only know you as Doc. What’s your real first name?”

“Willy, my first name really is Doc. It’s short for Dockery.”

“So you’re not called Doc cuz you’re an actual doc?” Willy asks, his eyes wide.

“I suppose I am, but those who know me well know it’s my given name.”

I thought everybody knew that.

“Hmm… weird,” my man comes back at him. “Since I’m asking questions, what species are you?”

“I’m a reindeer.”

I thought everybody knew that too.

“You can’t be,” Willy slurs to Doc. “You’ve not aged a day my whole life and you don’t shift.”

“Yes, I do shift, just not so out in the open like the others. Willy, I come from a long line of doctors, or healers as we were known in the old days. As you all are aware, I’m the only one in the North Pole. Had I been allowed to age as the rest of you have, I’d be long gone from this earth and there would be no one here to deliver babies or handle other medical issues.” He motions down his body. “I will remain as I do until or if I have an heir who can grow up and take my place just as I did my father and he his mother before him and so on. You should have learned this in your North Pole 101 class in elementary school.”

“That was a forever ago, Doc. We’re off now. I need to get my reindeer alone and fast.” He scowls at Santa Claus, whose eyes are again on Drew, not the goings-on around him. “Santa, stop giving young Lanzer ‘I wanna get you nekkid’ eyes. One, he’s a gazillion years too young for you. Two, until you prove otherwise, you’re still a raging butt head. Night all.”

“Elf, you’re drunk and seeing things that aren’t there. I’ll follow you two out,” Santa says after aiming a wave in our direction.

It’s obvious he’s trying really hard not to look at Luke’s brother again.

“Don’t follow too close,” Willy throws out. “Cuz I’m about to get nekkid with my man and we don’t want you anywhere around when it happens. That would be all kinds of icky and might kill the moment.”

Doesn’t that make my dick that much harder? Not Santa following too close, obviously, but the fact that Willy can never seem to get enough of me. God knows I can never get enough of him and I’m not just talking about sex. He’s my whole world. Had somebody told me five years ago that I could love somebody so much I’d never have believed it. He’s my everything and I’m more thankful for him every day of my life.

After more assurances from Drew, we all walk out, with Willy and me walking ahead of the others. I look over my shoulder to see Doc and Santa Claus off to the side having a whispered conversation. A glance at Drew and I shake my head. He’s looking at Santa like he hung the moon. Hopefully, Doc’s setting the boss man straight. The last thing anybody needs right now is to be getting mixed up with Santa Claus, especially with his psycho wife still in the picture. It doesn’t matter that she’s in a psychiatric facility in the States right now. She always finds a way to weasel her way right back into Santa’s life – and he always allows it. I don’t see that pattern ending anytime soon, if ever.

“Keep walking, reindeer,” Willy grumbles in my neck as he continues to grind his cock against the front of my body. “And ignore ‘em. My job with them is done. Now it’s all about us.”

“Does it being about us involve me shoving my cock inside your tight little ass?” I ask him as I turn and walk into the woods, taking a path we’ve used many times over the years.

“Yep, it does.”

“Or me squeezing your balls hard because my sexy elf gets off on pain?”

“Quit talking already and start doing. I’m dying here, Randy. It’s been so long,” he whines.

I chuckle. “Baby, I woke you up to a blow job this morning and then took your ass in the shower a few minutes later.”

“Like I said, too long.”

We normally don’t make it too far after my elf has had his Peppermint Whiskey. It’s a serious aphrodisiac for all elves, I’m told, though the only one I’ve ever cared about is grinding his big dick against me right now.

We stop at a big tree stump, the only light coming from the moon. If Willy was sober he’d never be okay with being so far out into the woods. He may talk big but he’s not a fan of the dark or the sounds of anonymous creatures of the night.

I try to put him down but his legs tighten around me.

“Sweetheart, I can take you if you don’t let me put you down.”

“It always takes too dang long,” he grumbles in my neck. “And it’s dark out here.”

“Well, I can always take you back home.”

He lifts his head and glares at me. “Don’t even think about it, reindeer. You’re gonna fuck me right here and now.”

“But it’s dark out here,” I repeat back to him with a grin.

He smiles and runs his fingers through my shoulder-length black hair the way he knows I love it.

“I’m not scared when I’m with you. You are the sexiest man on the planet, Randy.”

“No, Willy, that would be you,” I tell him, meaning it.

I get a lump in my throat when his arms go around my neck and he just holds me close, telling me the sex can wait a little bit longer. Willy can be loud, nosy, and I know he drives a lot of people nuts. To me, he’s absolutely perfect. I love everything about him but especially our private moments like these, and I’m not just referring to our naked time.

“I can never get over how much I love you, elf, and how that love grows daily.”

“I love you too, my hottie reindeer man.” His eyes come up to mine. What I see is nothing but pure love and it’s all mine. “And I’ll love you forever and always.”

My arms go around him tighter when he shivers.

“I know, and I’ll love you forever and always too, and you’re going to freeze to death if we don’t start moving.”

“You’d never let me freeze to death, silly.”

“You’re right. I’d protect you with my life and kill anybody who’d dare even think about harming you.”

He pulls back and grins at me. “I know that. That’s what I told Andrea when I accused her of wanting to poison us at D’s.”

“She wouldn’t have poisoned us, Willy.”

“That’s what I said cuz even she’s not dumb enough to mess with my reindeer’s mate. Duh, Randy.”

“I thought you wanted to fuck, silly elf.”

“Just waiting on you to put me on the ground so I can shove my jeans down. And you need to hop to it too because I’m still dying here. Peppermint Whiskey, remember?”

I set him next to the tree stump and watch as he undoes his jeans. I groan out loud when he shoves them below his knees and his big dick pops out, the head already leaking pre-cum. If he thinks I’m going to immediately allow him to cum he’s mistaken. I think some teasing might be in order for my kinky elf.

“Whatcha waiting on?” he asks me when his jeans are at his ankles. “Drop your pants and gimme what’s inside ‘em.”

I cross my arms and smile down at him.

“I don’t think so. I think a little punishment might be in order first.”

His eyes go wide. “Punishment? For what?”

“Did you really tell your mother that Micah destroyed her shelf elf when you were the one who did it?”

Willy waves a hand. “He was a little boy who everybody still thought was cute. I was like way beyond the cute kid stage. He never would’ve gotten in trouble but I totally would have. That was a long time ago, so get naked already.”

“Turn around and put your hands on the tree stump. Show me that sweet ass of yours.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” he says as he does my bidding, giving his bare ass a little shake for my pleasure.

I reach inside the front pocket of my jeans and remove something I keep with me for times like this, especially after one of Willy’s Peppermint Whiskey episodes. I move up behind him and press my jean-clad dick against his bare ass.

“Mmm,” he groans as I reach around his small body and take his hard cock in my hand. I reach around with the other one and slowly ease something down over his thick dick and click it into place.

“There you go,” I whisper. “All ready now.”

“Damn it, Randy. I know you didn’t just put the cock ring with a lock on it on my dick.”

“I just told you I was going to punish you.”

He scowls at me over his shoulder. “I don’t need to be punished. I need to be fucked.”

I slowly stroke up and down his dick. “Without this cock ring we might not have gotten together. I remember special ordering this thing for you when I was still too much of a coward to make a move.”

“Without me sneaking on to your property we might not have gotten together. Now take it off already so we can get busy.”

“In time. Now brace yourself.”

“What’s that mean?” he asks me.

“It means hold on.”

I take a step back and remove my shirt, eager to get this show on the road. I want him as bad as he wants me right now, but it’s so much sweeter after a little teasing. Willy makes a move to turn around but I stop him.

“Either be still or the ring stays on all night.”

“Oh, that’s just not fair, Randy.”

“You better hold on,” I tell him again.

I don’t give him much more warning before I’m slapping his right ass cheek, the sound echoing in the woods.

“Randy!” he screams.

The next slap goes on the other side. This time Willy’s response is a loud groan.

“You like when I spank you, don’t you, baby?”


His looks so damn sexy with his face down and his ass pushed back for me. The sight of my hand prints on this pale ass gets me so horny every time.

“More, Randy.”

Who am I to say no when my man asks?

My right hand goes back to his ass, alternating slaps on each side. It doesn’t take long before we’re both breathing heavy and my cock is straining inside my jeans. Forcing myself to be patient, I drop down to my knees gently rub his cheeks and then I spread his ass cheeks.

“Oh!” he groans when I blow my breath against his asshole. “Hurry, Randy.”

I don’t.

My tongue comes out and swirls around the bud of his hole. Unable to keep still, his small body jerks a little but stops when I use my thumbs to open him up a little. My tongue goes inside and I start fucking him with it.

“I need to cum, Randy. Please.”

“Not yet,” I pull back just far enough to say. “Close your eyes and let me make you feel good.”

“I need to cum, Randy,” he repeats.


When I get his small hole wet I slide one of my long fingers inside, not stopping until I find his little bundle of nerves.

“Randy!” he howls as I press my finger hard against it and start rubbing.

“Please, please, please,” he begs.

I drive him crazy for several more minutes but then it gets to be too much for me. I pull my finger out and stand up and shove my jeans down to just below my ass but not before grabbing lube out of the front pocket first. I hurry to lube my dick and then I move behind him again and rock it between his small ass cheeks.

“Oh, yes,” he moans. “Fuck me, Randy.”

“I should make you wait,” I grunt as I jerk myself off on him. “But I want you too bad.”

“Thank God,” he gasps as the head of my dick goes to his entrance and holds still. “Now, Randy.”

I snap my hips just enough to get the head inside. I don’t move for several seconds, wanting to tease him a little more. When it gets to be too much for me I ease all the way inside, barely even waiting for him to adjust around the girth of my cock.

“Please remove the ring,” he begs as he pushes his ass back, urging me to start moving. “I need to cum so bad.”

I grab his hips and hold him still as I pull my cock almost all the way out of his ass before slowly going back in. I start out slow but that doesn’t last long. The teasing has made me so hard any plans of slow go out the window as I feel him squeezing his ass muscles around my dick. And then there are the sounds he’s making as I take him… I swear I could almost shoot just from hearing him. I reach around and grab his cock that I know has to be aching because of the cock ring.

“Please, Randy…. Please, Randy…”

I speed up my thrusts and lean down and bite down a little on his neck, right above his collarbone. His groans get louder, as does his begging. I let go of his dick and just allow myself to feel as I fuck his tight ass, moving my dick in and out in quick thrusts now.

“Touch my balls, Randy,” he gasps out.

I somehow manage to reach around his small body while still slamming hard into his ass. I take his balls in my hand and squeeze them until he tells me it’s too much.

It’s almost never too much for my elf.

“That’s it, Randy. Harder. I need to cum so bad…”

In only a few more thrusts I’m slamming into my elf one last time and holding still as my cock unloads hard inside his asshole. Every single time we fuck is as intense as the very first time, maybe more. I don’t know if it’s the mate bond between us or the fact that it’s Willy and I love him so much.

I take a deep breath and let go of his balls and slowly ease out of him.

“Where are you going?” he asks in a panic.

“To pull my jeans up. Where else would I be going?” I give his ass a little slap. “You should be doing the same before you do freeze to death out here. It’ll be snowing soon.”

When he turns around and puts his hands on his hips it takes all the power I possess to not laugh out loud. I somehow manage to keep a straight face. His dick looks like it’s in pain.

He points at it. “You better take this thing off me right now, reindeer.”

I raise a brow. “Or?”

“Or… or… or I’ll start telling you no when you’re horny.”

I lean against a nearby tree. “You know I’ll always respect your wishes. Funny, though, I can’t think of one time in our five years when you’ve told me you didn’t want it as bad as I did. Hell, I have a hard time keeping up with you most of the time.”

“Well, there’s always a first time, buster.”

I look up at the sky. “You should probably pull your pants up. It really will be snowing soon and we don’t want to be too late getting home.”

“Well, you can just get naked and fly us home.”

“Nah, not feeling it right now. I think we both could use the fresh air from a good walk. We don’t do it often enough.”

I move away from the tree and start walking back in the direction we came. I look over my shoulder at my angry elf.

“You coming?” I ask him.

“No because you won’t let me. Damn it, Randy.”

I turn my head and start walking again, knowing he’ll follow. A few seconds later he catches up, his hard cock still sticking out of his jeans.

“You’re being mean, reindeer,” he fusses. “Real mean. And on a Peppermint Whiskey night at that.”

“Aww, baby, is something wrong?”

“I swear I’m going to get you back for this,” he grumbles.

“How so?” I ask him conversationally.

“I don’t know how! But I will.”

I walk a few more yards before stopping. Willy’s just so much fun to play with.

“Why’d you stop?” he asks me angrily.

“You’re walking too slow.”

The look on his face is priceless.

“Why am I walking so slow, Randy?” he yells, probably loud enough to be heard in the next county over. “It couldn’t be because my dick is hurting!”

I give in. My poor elf.

I walk over and lean against a downed tree and hold my hand out. “Come here, baby.”

He pokes his lip out in the most non-pitiful look I’ve ever seen.

“I don’t want to.”

“Well, okay then, if you don’t want me to remove the cock ring.”

I laugh when he stumbles over his feet to get to me.

“You’re a mean, mean reindeer, Randy.”

“And you love me anyway.”


“Just sometimes, elf?”

“Okay, okay, all the time, and you know it. Now get this thing off me.”

When he’s in front of me my hand goes to his cock and slowly slides down it to the lock. With a couple of clicks it’s undone and I’m removing it and shoving it back inside my front pocket.

“Can I cum now, please?” he asks softly.

“Oh, so now you’re asking permission?”

“I love you, Randy,” he says in a singsong voice.

“I love you too, Willy.”

I drop to my knees and take as much as his hard cock inside my mouth as I can, not stopping until it hits my throat.

“Fuck!” he gasps. “Please let me do it now, Randy. Please.”

I pull back just far enough to say, “Give me what you’ve got,” and then I’m taking him back inside again. A couple of jerks of his dick and he’s coming down my throat as I suck him. His orgasm seems to go on forever, but I’m loving every second of it and swallowing all I can. Only when he pulls hard on my hair do I allow him to pull out of my mouth. Still on my knees, I wipe my mouth and look up at my satisfied elf.

“Better now?” I ask him.

“Always better with you,” he whispers.

“Good, now let’s get home before it really does start snowing.”

I help him pull his jeans up and get them fastened and then we’re making our way out of the woods hand in hand. I smile knowing that we’ll be having sex again when we get home, only in our big bed this time. Maybe I’ll even be able to talk him into taking me when we do. I look down at Willy who’s smiling up at me like I’m the most important being on the planet. To him, I am. I smile back, letting him know that he’s mine and always will be.