Happy Holidays!

What a year it’s been, huh? Geez. I’m sure I speak for everybody when I say that 2021 can’t get here fast enough.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read Santa Claus & His Unexpected Mate, the final installment of the Willy the Kinky Elf & His Bad-Ass Reindeer series. It’s been a great ride and I’m beyond thrilled that so many readers have embraced my crazy version of the North Pole. Ending the series was bittersweet. I hated to say goodbye but I knew it was time. Don’t be surprised if I pop up in the coming years with short stories and updates from that world. I love these guys and I can’t imagine walking away permanently. And then there’s the fact that Willy the elf rarely shuts up in my head. 😉

Kazza of On Top Down Under Book Reviews added Santa Claus & His Unexpected Mate to her favorite books of 2020 list. How awesome is that? She’s been a huge supporter of my books since Taking Lance way back when. I’ll forever be grateful. Check out her list here. To be included with so many amazing authors and their amazing books means so much.

Also, you have to read/listen to her review of the book. You can do that here. She always has the best visuals. The Darth Vadar wearing a Santa hat one is perfect for Willy’s quote. I love it!

Something else that’s pretty awesome? Author KC Faelan asked me to do a follow-up interview for her website to the one I did last year. You can check out last year’s post here and the follow-up here. It’s always a pleasure stopping by and talking with KC. I can talk anybody’s ear off about my books, but it means much more when I’m discussing them with someone who’s read them, who knows the characters and the stories. She’s a fan of the series and knows all about Willy’s crazy world. 😉


I’ve been bad this year about posting. Worse than usual, I mean. I think 2020 has been crazy for everybody. I’ve barely even promoted ‘Santa’. I’m truly blessed to have the amazing readers I have. If you’re new to the series, welcome! And I guess I should apologize in advance for Willy. 😉 If you’ve been with me from the beginning and are still hanging around, I adore you. Seriously.

There was never supposed to be more than one book. I’ve said this a million times but I’m saying it again… there’s no greater compliment to an author than to be asked for more. I love every single one of you.

Happy Holidays to all who celebrate! Here’s hoping for an amazing 2021!

I’ll be popping back in real soon with my end of 2020 post.

Until next time,


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