Taking Lance Series

Taking Lance (#1)

40-year-old Rick, who is bisexual, had to marry a woman or lose a large inheritance from his homophobic father. The marriage is loveless and practically sexless, but he plans to stick it out just long enough to collect his cash. Horny and frustrated, that changes when Rick meets his wife’s 18-year-old son, Lance.

Rick and Lance’s story is continued in Keeping Lance. 

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Keeping Lance (#2)

Rick Preston has been hooking up with his former stepson on and off for three years. Rick is almost forty-three and Lance has just turned twenty-one. It’s just sex, right? Wrong. Somewhere along the way real feelings become involved and Rick has to either decide to move forward with the much younger man or take a step back and allow Lance to be happy with someone his own age. Throw in Rick’s girlfriend, Lance’s former boyfriend, and a couple of others who try their damndest to keep the two men apart, and Lance and Rick must fight like hell to finally find their happily-ever-after.

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Being Karen (#2.5)

Karen learned as a teenager that her body could take her places. From getting grades changed by professors, to being given a condo and car, she has used her body to get ahead for years. Men, women, or even both at the same time, Karen was never picky as long as she got off or got something in return. While stripping at a local club, she meets her future husband. Love wasn’t supposed to be in the cards, nor was fidelity, but one glance at Aaron and she fell hard. After a few months of faithful wedded bliss, she starts getting antsy and is again craving rough encounters with strangers. She loves her husband deeply so the others would only be about sex. Does she risk losing Aaron, or does she bring him into her playtime with others? Maybe Aaron has playtime plans of his own.

Being Karen is a companion story in the Taking Lance series. Karen and Aaron were introduced in a sex scene with Rick Preston and Travis Jordan in Keeping Lance. Being Karen reintroduces Travis for his story, Saving Travis, #3 in the Taking Lance series. It can be read as a standalone.

Tags: MF, FF, FFM, MM, MMF, Gay/Bisexual Erotica

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Saving Travis (#3)

Travis Jordan has been running for five years. Now twenty-three, he supports himself the only way he knows how. He gave up dreams of love when he was eighteen and accepted the fact that he’d never be anything more than a paid whore. When Travis meets Marc Parker, he starts to feel things he knows he has no business feeling. Marc feels an instant connection with Travis, but he must make amends for past wrongs before he can attempt any type of relationship. Marc almost destroyed Rick Preston and Lance Scott and he can’t move forward until he makes things right. When old enemies start causing trouble, can Travis and Marc band together, put their pasts behind them, and take a chance on love?

Saving Travis is Part 3 of the Taking Lance series, but can be read as a standalone.

Tags: Gay Erotica/Romance, Past Sexual Abuse, Rent Boy

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Trusting Lance (#3.5)

Lance Scott and Rick Preston have been to Hell and back. They’re now living happily as a couple and are in the process of planning a wedding. Everything is going well until Rick has a conversation with old friends that brings back old doubts and insecurities. Lance doesn’t care about their age difference but Rick is convinced that someday Lance will decide he wants someone closer to his own age. When Rick’s doubts start affecting the relationship he risks pushing Lance away and ruining everything they’ve worked so hard for. It’s up to Lance to prove to the man he loves that he plans to stick around for the long haul.

Trusting Lance is part 3.5 of the Taking Lance series. While it can be read as a standalone, the story and characters (both main and secondary) are important to the series as a whole.

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Marrying Lance (#3.75)

Rick Preston and Lance Scott are finally ready to make their relationship official. With only their closest friends in attendance, they’ll be saying their wedding vows in an intimate ceremony. When Lance insists on going traditional, Rick reluctantly agrees to not see him in the twenty-four hours leading up to the wedding. Only a few hours in, Lance is already regretting that decision. With Lance’s nerves getting the best of him, and Rick’s determination to see his man, traditional quickly goes out the window.

Marrying Lance is Part 3.75 of the Taking Lance series. The wedding will also take place in the finale of the series, Finding Alex, but told in another character’s point of view. Marrying Lance is a thank you to every reader who has followed along with Rick and Lance and are eager to see them finally get their true happily-ever-after – in their own words.

11,000 words.

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Finding Alex (#4)

Alexander Langdon and Dean Collins have been together for five years. They’ve had to overcome some obstacles, the least of which being their twenty-year age difference.

In less than a week, Rick Preston and Lance Scott will be saying their vows. After four years and a lot of drama, they’re now ready to commit in the eyes of the law.

After a heated discussion with Rick, Alex starts doubting his and Dean’s relationship. He’s wanted to get married for years, but Dean refuses to take that final step. They’re committed heart and soul. Why do they need a ceremony and piece of paper to prove it? Alex just wants to be able to call him husband. This has both men reflecting on what brought them together.

From Dean’s family secrets, to Alex’s very public divorce, they’ve been through it all. Will Dean get over his fears and finally do the one thing Alex wants most? Or will this issue continue to grow until it pushes the two men completely apart?

Finding Alex is the final story in the Taking Lance series. The wedding, told from Dean’s point of view in Finding Alex, is also told in its entirety by Rick and Lance in Marrying Lance, a bonus story at the end of the book. Free e-copies of Marrying Lance are also available at most e-tailers and via request from the author.

The series is best read in order to understand characters and events.

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