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Blake the Rogue Reindeer & His Cocky Human (‘Willy’ #3): Big Giveaway & Update


Congrats to DRE who won the giveaway!

I’m going to start this post with the good stuff – a giveaway. Who doesn’t love a giveaway? 🙂

To help celebrate On Top Down Under Book Reviews’ 4 year anniversary and the November 1st release of Blake the Rogue Reindeer & His Cocky Human, I stopped by with a post about Willy’s world. Expect a bit of silliness about Willy and the gang and lots of goodies that I’ll be giving away to one person who comments on the post. What goodies, you ask? The winner will be given a choice of either signed paperbacks or e-copies of Willy the Kinky Elf & His Bad-Ass Reindeer and Evan the Virgin Reindeer & His Sexy Buck, a ‘Willy’ magnet, an ‘Evan’ magnet, a ‘Blake’ magnet, a reusable bag with Blake’s cover on it, an ‘I touch my elf” key chain, a “Santa is a butt head!” magnet, courtesy of Willy, and a ‘Santa Claus Naughty Member’ postcard. The giveaway will run from now until the end of the month, so make sure you pop in and leave a comment on the giveaway post and congratulate On Top Down Under for 4 great years! You can find the post here.


Blake the Rogue Reindeer & His Cocky Human

As I’ve already said all over the place, this story never would’ve happened had a fellow author not started a little campaign for me to write it after he read Evan the Virgin Reindeer & His Sexy Buck (‘Willy’ #2) and fell for the bad guy. I know, right? 🙂 Blake Simpson was a major jerk in that story and was never supposed to be seen or heard from again. If you’re interested in seeing what was said that pushed me to give Blake his story, you can find the Goodreads review here. The thought was put in my head and it didn’t take long before I had the entire story, from start to finish, planned out. I knew what I wanted to say. I knew who all the players would be and even the so-called drama of the story. Heck, I even knew exactly how Blake would atone for all his bad actions. Easy enough, right? Well, not quite.

That’s what I’ve shared publicly about the making of the 3rd installment in Willy’s world.

Here’s what I haven’t…

aaarghhI wrote 10,000 words of this story without missing a beat. This was back in December of last year, I think? Everything was flowing smoothly until one day it just wasn’t. I’d had to change one of the characters 3 times. It was a back and forth thing that had me throwing my hands up on the story for a little while. Oh, I was still going to write it. No way was I not going to. But those 10,000 or so words sat on my laptop for around 7 months. I’d go into the manuscript, get frustrated, then get out of it again. I felt pressure because here it was July and I was only a few short months from publishing a story that was only a third or fourth of the way done. I wasn’t blank (re: writer’s block), but it just wasn’t coming together for me. Nothing I did would change that. I said above that I knew exactly what the story would be about from start to finish. That didn’t change. I knew what I wanted to say but I just couldn’t get the words on the manuscript to come together.

addictionA few months ago I wrote a blog post that briefly covered addiction in the ‘personal’ section of the post. I’d stated that I’d already lost one close family member to it and that I was very close to losing another. I lost that person in late July – a little over a month after that post was published. And strangely, what is Blake’s story about? Addiction. That wasn’t planned, by the way. When I wrote Blake’s character in ‘Evan’ I added his addictions as the cause of his actions because my original version of him was not redeemable in any way. I’m not making light of what caused him to do what he did. What I’m saying is that the original Blake Simpson was so bad that I had to go back and rewrite him completely because the series is written to be (mostly) light and he wasn’t light in any way. Suffice it to say that had I kept him as he was there would be no Blake the Rogue Reindeer & His Cocky Human.

After my family member’s death, I was told by a fellow author to WRITE. Even if it was the worst stuff I’ve ever written and would never been seen by anybody but me… just write. And my best friend, who I’ll go to my grave being thankful for, agreed. Anything that would help me through it, you know? Writing has always been my therapy but I didn’t think it would work this time. Strangely, it did. Days after the funeral I again pulled up the manuscript for ‘Blake’. I expected to have the same, “Here we go again.. ugh!” attitude that had plagued me for months over the story. That didn’t happen. I reread the first 10,000 words and started writing and didn’t stop. I wrote so much that by the time 3 or 4 days had passed I had written over 30,000 new words and typed THE END. Not just typed those two words, but was very happy with what I’d written. The final word count is close to 42,000 words. I’ve had what I call my crazy writing frenzies in the past where I’ve written one short story after another over a period of days. What I’ve not ever done is what I did with Blake and Seth’s story. As messed up as my mind was over the death in my family, things still clicked with these guys that hadn’t in the months prior. The story was coming together so quick I couldn’t type the words fast enough.

grief-one-day-at-a-timeI honestly don’t know how I was able to string two sentences together, much less write as much as I did during those few days. I’m not complaining. This world saved me in a way I never could’ve anticipated and I’ll forever be grateful for it. I hope you all enjoy the story. It has the silly moments you’ve learned to expect from Willy and the others, but there are also a few serious ones as well. I started the story wondering how on Earth I’d be able to redeem Blake and ended up loving him before it was over. I hope you all feel the same.

Dealing with another loss is a day by day thing. Maybe someday I’ll devote more to that on here but I’m just not able to right now.

The rest of 2016 –

In the past I’ve blogged about updates of other stories. Some are even completed and really close to being published. However, in the coming weeks I will only be focusing on Blake the Rogue Reindeer & His Cocky Human. My apologies to those who are waiting on specific stories I’ve blogged about (Finding Alex, for one) but I’m simply not in the right frame of mind at this point to devote to those releases. That may change in the coming weeks. If so, I’ll let you know. I hope you understand. It’s not completing the stories. I think I could do that without a problem at this point. It’s everything that goes into getting a book ready to publish – editing, covers (that I personally create), and lots of other things that go on in the background.

300-x-450-blake-coverIf you’ve followed me to this point you know that I’m not really one to get too personal publicly. I try to keep things light as much as I can. I’m hoping I’m providing ‘light’ in Blake and Seth’s story. I’m so damn proud of these guys and there are no words for how much I adore Blake now. The story could bomb with readers (though I REALLY hope it doesn’t) and that wouldn’t take away how thankful I am for their story… and them helping me to get through a very difficult time in my life. And to add to that? Installment #4 has already had 6,000 words written. That’s over a year in advance to those who are counting. 🙂 There’s something about that crazy world that’s good for me at the moment and I’m going to run with it while I can.

In Closing –

I’m good. Really! My best friend and family won’t let me have down moments for long and I’m not one to sit and dwell if I’m able to focus on other things.  A lot of you have been with me from the very beginning so I felt you should know a little about what’s been happening behind the scenes over the past few months.

I’ve said this before but again it bears repeating – thank you to every person who has asked for more of my warped Christmas world. You embraced my kooky version of Santa and his wife (and the others) and there are no words for how much that means to me.

For the blurb, pre-order links, and more information about Blake the Rogue Reindeer & His Cocky Human, you can check out my last blog post here. The official release date is November 1st. Thank you to all who’ve already pre-ordered it. You guys rock! 🙂

And to those who have an ARC of the story – yes, it’s okay to publish your reviews before the release date. I’ve already gotten one amazing one that you can find here.  I just ask that you please not give away Seth’s secret or other spoilers. The secret may not be that big of a deal to some in the grand scheme of things but it plays a bit part in pretty much everything that happens in the story in regards to him and Blake.

Until next time,

~Candi Kay


Christopher, College Encounters #1: New Release!

Christopher, College Encounters, #1.

Christopher is a young college student who is intelligent beyond his years. He started college when most of his peers were just starting high school. Now eighteen, he’s in his senior year and on the verge of applying for medical school. Chris isn’t like his classmates. A loner, he’s never quite fit in with others his age. This means no friends and no prospects.

Christopher is also a virgin. Horny and frustrated, he knows he has to hook up with somebody soon. There’s only so much satisfaction he can get from his right hand, you know? 😉

I hope you enjoy Christopher’s little journey and that you’ll let me know what you think.

Note that this story is gay erotica with only a hint of romance. Check out more info in the blurb below. This is #1 of a new series that will be set around a fictional university. Each subsequent story will have all new main characters so they won’t have to be read in order unless you choose to.

How about that guy on the cover? I will shallowly admit that this story idea completely came to be when I saw this photo and knew I had to write a story around the model. Can you blame me? 😉 He’s beautiful.


Christopher Cover - 800 x 1200 - FinalBlurb –

Christopher just wants to get laid. Nothing more. Nothing less. He doesn’t want romance – just sex.

While seeking out gay porn on the internet he stumbles across details about an exclusive sex club in his town. Convinced this is what he’s looking for, he works up the courage to go to the club a few days later. He almost turns back the way he came when he sees an intimidating bouncer standing outside the door. He’s one step from leaving when he’s ushered inside. Two members have seen Christopher on the security cameras and are eager to play with him – with conditions. He must wear a blindfold and vow that once the night is over he won’t show up at the club again. Nervously, he agrees.

Even blindfolded it doesn’t take long for him to recognize the voice of one of the men as someone he knows well. More turned on than he’s ever been in his life, he allows the man and his partner to do anything and everything to his body without complaint. When it’s over he’s guided out of the club and the blindfold is removed. Flying high, he knows he’ll have to hook up with those guys again, especially now that he’s certain that the one who took his virginity is his favorite professor. Will he embarrass himself when he’s forced to face him in class the following Monday? And does he dare risk going back to the club the following weekend, his promise be damned?

Christopher, College Encounters #1, is gay erotica and has a virgin, an age gap, mild BDSM, rough sexual situations, and group sex. Note that the BDSM in this story doesn’t follow strict protocols of the lifestyle. Keep that in mind before downloading this book.

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Celebrating 2 Years of Publishing!

Fireworks - Featured - 295 x 158

A little over two years ago I wrote a short story that was never supposed to see the light of day. I’d been writing for as long as I could remember but I’d never shown any of my stories to anyone. Hell, my best friend in the world didn’t even know I wrote stories and I pretty much tell her everything. To be blunt, writing keeps me sane. I actually have a t-shirt that says that, by the way. 🙂 If I’m down, I write. If I’m up, I write. If I’m in between? Well, you get the picture.

What inspired this particular story that I wrote almost two years ago was a bad book I’d just read. I had to get it out of my head. The only way to do that was to either jump into another book or write something of my own. I decided to write something of my own. That story turned out to be a bi-erotica short about a young man who hooks up with his mother’s husband. If you’ve not read Taking Lance, I have to say it’s not simply some older guy cheating on his wife with her son. There’s quite a bit more to it than that.

I mentioned to my friend that I wrote it. Of course, she asked to read it. I’d never allowed anyone to read anything I’d written before and here was someone asking – who I respected more than most? I was terrified at the thought of her seeing it. Thankfully, she persisted and I gave in. My writing had always been mine and mine alone, you know? She loved the story and pushed me to publish it.

It needs to be noted very strongly that my friend is not the type of person who’ll tell me what I want to hear. She’s very honest and will tell me in a heartbeat if something I’ve written isn’t my best work. And, she has… thank God! Authors need honesty and I’m blessed beyond measure to have that from her.

Fast-forward a few weeks and April 5th, 2014 came. That was the day. I was going to put myself out there and hope for the best… all because one person believed in me and said I was good enough. Oh, my husband has always supported me, but he’s not much of a reader. That one story has now become ten, with several more in the works. I’m even playing around with another pen name for different types of genres and sub-genres. If someone would’ve told me in March of 2014 this would be happening I’d have called them a liar.

I’m extremely happy to finally be able to live my dream. There are no words for how much I appreciate every single person who has taken the time to read one of my books. From the Lance world, to the Willy the Kinky Elf world, to everything in between… you guys have shown me support from day one. I never dreamed anyone would actually read that short story two years ago. Not only have you read that (and my others) but you’ve asked me for more. That’s the greatest compliment an author can receive.

To celebrate my 2nd publishing anniversary, every book I’ve published to date, with the exception of my .99 stories – The Guy in the Coffee Shop, Being Karen, My Son’s Friends & My Son’s Girl, and Trusting Lance – will be marked down half-price at, or ARe, from April 5th through April 9th. This applies to every book I’ve published in the past two years, other than those mentioned. It’s not just the Taking Lance series.

My apologies for doing it solely on ARe, but Amazon is kind of difficult when it comes to having sales, as are the other e-tailers. I also wanted everyone to be able get the format of their choice (ePub, mobi or pdf). You can only get .mobi from Amazon.

Trusting Lance FINAL 800 x 1200Speaking of the Taking Lance series…

To celebrate my anniversary, I’ve written another story in the Taking Lance universe. It’s titled Trusting Lance and it takes place a few months after Saving Travis and two weeks before Rick and Lance are to be married. Rick’s old doubts and insecurities rear their ugly head about the age difference between him and Lance. What if Lance decides later that he wants somebody younger? It’s up to Lance to set things straight. All the characters from the others in the series (Marc, Travis, Dean, Alex, and there’s even a Karen and Aaron cameo) will make an appearance. It also opens the door for Finding Alex so I can finally get their story written and put the series to bed.

It was a total blast revisiting Rick and Lance. It’s been awhile since I’ve given them their own story and I loved being inside their heads (and, um, bedroom) again. I’ll be sad to see them go when I close out the series in a few months but everything must come to an end. I hope you’ve enjoyed their ride as much as I have.

On Top Down Under Book Reviews is hosting a new release/anniversary giveaway from Tuesday, April 5th through Sunday, April 10th. I will be giving away the first two e-books in the Taking Lance series – Taking Lance and Keeping Lance. You can find all the info about the series here.

Pop in, say hi, and leave a comment for a chance to discover where it all began. I send my huge thanks to On Top Down Under for the continued support.

Note that Taking Lance and Keeping Lance are bi-erotic romance.

Thank You GIFTo my best friend in the world – I love you dearly and will forever credit you for every single story I publish. You have no idea how much I appreciate your friendship, support, and that big push I needed two years ago – and continue to get daily.

To my husband – You may not understand it but you damn sure support it. I couldn’t do this without you. I love you.

To everyone who reads my books – Again, there are no words for how much I appreciate every single one of you. Thank you for becoming part of my world. You’re the reason I keep doing what I do… what I love.

I hope you’ll celebrate my publishing anniversary with me. As you can see, I’ve officially made my new website live. What better day than on my publishing anniversary? I’m eager to know what you guys think. Can you tell I like red? 😉


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Another thing that has to be noted is that I often publish photos and GIFs that would not be considered safe for work. If you’re under eighteen or offended in any way by nudity this won’t be the website for you.

Until next time,

~Candi Kay