The Guy In The Coffee Shop

Book Cover: The Guy In The Coffee Shop

Working behind the counter of a specialty coffee shop, Tristan fantasizes about a businessman who rushes in and out each morning after ordering plain, black coffee. Who orders black coffee in a shop that sells every blend known to man? After awhile, it becomes apparent that the man is seeking Tristan out. But why? It would be fine for Tristan if the other guy wasn't giving him such odd looks. Convinced he's a homophobe who doesn't like his flamboyant look, Tristan makes a point of avoiding the counter. But when Tristan is forced by his boss to do his job, an awkward moment arises between him and the hot man in the business suit. Only when he sees him again does he realize things weren't exactly as he suspected.

Tags: Gay Romance, Age Gap

Approximately 5,400 Words, 22 Pages

“Tristan?" he asked softly.
"What, hon?"
"Tell me what you did every night thinking of me," he said in a husky voice.” 


I moved to roll over on my hands and knees but he stopped me.
"No. I want to see your face while I'm making love to you.” 

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