Being Karen (Taking Lance, #2.5)

Karen learned as a teenager that her body could take her places. From getting grades changed by professors, to being given a condo and car, she has used her body to get ahead for years. Men, women, or even both at the same time, Karen was never picky as long as she got off or got something in return. While stripping at a local club, she meets her future husband. Love wasn't supposed to be in the cards, nor was fidelity, but one glance at Aaron and she fell hard. After a few months of faithful wedded bliss, she starts getting antsy and is again craving rough encounters with strangers. She loves her husband deeply so the others would only be about sex. Does she risk losing Aaron, or does she bring him into her playtime with others? Maybe Aaron has playtime plans of his own.

Being Karen is a companion story in the Taking Lance series. Karen and Aaron were introduced in a sex scene with Rick Preston and Travis Jordan in Keeping LanceBeing Karen reintroduces Travis for his story, Saving Travis, #3 in the series.

In Kindle Unlimited.

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