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Willy #4 Update and Current Drama in the Reading World

It’s August already. Where has 2017 gone? I swear the year is flying by.

I’ve not updated in awhile so I’m going to try to do that now. My mom got very ill a few months ago so it’s been an ongoing thing with me helping her. This, because of the stress involved, caused my own health to suffer. My blood pressure shot up pretty high, causing severe headaches, and I had to get that under control. I’m generally a relatively healthy person so to get knocked back for a few weeks has been difficult.

I’ve always been one who doesn’t even like taking OTC stuff for a headache – and I’m prone to migraines – so it’s weird being forced to take quite a few meds every day. I’m on the right track now and I’m feeling much better than I did even a couple of weeks ago.


Story Updates –

Over the past few days I’ve been working like crazy to get the 4th Willy the Kinky Elf story complete. I’m almost done. What I have left to do is write the quickie finale (Mrs. Claus’ Christmas party) and remove a lot of unnecessary details and add more Christmasy stuff.

I’m still working on finalizing a title, the cover, and the blurb.

It’s told in Barry’s point of view. If you’ve read the others in the series you might recognize Barry as Blake Simpson’s younger brother and Evan Vickers’ best friend. Barry’s love interest is a shy elf who was mentioned in passing in the Peppermint Whiskey episode in Blake’s story.

My favorite scene so far involves an abusive ex attacking Barry without warning and big brother coming to the rescue in reindeer form. The reader will be able to see – for a page or two – the hardened, street smart Blake. He was a jerk in Evan’s story. He had to find redemption in his own story. In Barry’s, he’s the ultimate big brother that everybody would love to have. And trust me when I say you do NOT want to mess with Barry when Blake is around. 🙂 Seth, Blake’s human, will be there in all his writing glory. I had to have a little fun with Seth.

Willy and Randy make appearances, of course, as do the others from the rest of the series. There are also overprotective mothers, Santa Claus as you’ve never seen him before, and you might even learn the real history of the North Pole and how Santa Claus – and even mates – came to be.

I’ve always planned to write the history of my North Pole someday but the plan was to do it in the final book of the series. I discovered while writing this one that it had to be done now in order for specific things to be explained in regards to Santa and his wife.

Is this the last book in the Willy the Kinky Elf world? I don’t know, to be honest. I plan to keep writing them until the want of the readers is no longer there. I also have to have the story in my head that wants to be told. I’ve been lucky in that regard so far but I don’t know how long it’ll last. In other words, I’m taking it one book at a time. Each of my main characters gets their happily-ever-after in their own book so there’s nothing really left hanging when they end. Well, Santa and Mrs. Claus had outstanding stuff in Blake’s but not the original main characters.

I don’t want to be ‘that girl’ and as a reader myself, I refuse to be an author who continues a series long after its expiration date. I hope that makes sense. I’ve read too many series that went on… and on… and on… when they should’ve long ended.

Speaking of series that should’ve ended long ago…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m still playing around with Finding Alex but it’s long been finished. It’s getting it where I’m 100% happy with it. This is the end of my very first series. I refuse to throw it out into the world until I’m completely happy with it. My plan is still to publish it at the end of the year, not long after Willy #4 is published.

The Current Drama in the Reading World –

The Wild by K. Webster. It’s all over the place. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some people flat out don’t care and are sick of hearing about it. I belong in two of those groups. 😉

I read the book. I wanted to see what the fuss was about. The blurb really said nothing about the actual story so I was clueless there. I was shaking my head over the warnings in the blurb. I have no problem with warnings. Readers should know what they’re getting themselves into, especially if it’s something that might trigger them. The warning in this blurb, however, used words like ‘if you’re brave’ and that type of thing. I thought it was a bit much. You’re warning the readers about things that might trigger them that are in the book but nowhere do you even hint what those things are. Also, perhaps had the wording of the warnings been different a lot of the readers wouldn’t have felt like they were being talked down to. I don’t know the author or anything about the author but I felt like it was done purely for shock value.

I’ve read some of the worst of the worst so a book about incest/pseudo-incest didn’t shock me in the least. My very first series that I published is about an 18-year-old stepson and 40-year-old stepfather hooking up and later getting married. I’ve written so many taboo books myself that I lost count years ago.

There are good books and there are bad books. I don’t like every book I read just like you guys don’t like every book you read. I simply did not like The Wild. That’s not a dig at the author, the editor, or any of the readers who loved it. It’s simply my opinion. What I’ve seen on social media about this book has been ridiculous. I’ve seen those who loved the book attack those who didn’t. I’ve seen those who hated the book attack those who loved it. I’ve seen the author get verbally attacked all over the place.

It’s fiction.

Was the book disturbing to read in some places? Absolutely. I may write some weird stuff on occasion but I don’t think a scene where a pregnant girl being grabbed and having sex forced on her when she’s in labor as sexy. She was chased after, grabbed, and taken hard from behind – again, while she was in labor. He stated very clearly that he had to own her, to claim her, and that that was the way to do it. Well, he did, and I didn’t have to like reading it. The scene pissed me off. Simple as that. That doesn’t mean the author pissed me off or those who like the book pissed me off. It simply means parts of the book did. It’s not the first book to have parts that anger me and I know it won’t be the last.

I tend to avoid drama but this is all over the place. The fighting I’ve seen over this – a book – is ridiculous.

That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Speaking of drama –

I can’t believe I’m even having to say this but here I go. Over the past few months I’ve added over 500 new Facebook friends. I look at every profile before I hit ‘accept’. What I’m looking for when I check profiles is anything anti-LGBT or anti pretty much anything really. I won’t have homophobic and/or bigoted jerks on my social media pages. But I obviously miss things and some get through. Saturday I popped on my personal account to see people who agreed with what had occurred in Charlottesville. There were horrible memes and statuses all over the place. Those people were some I obviously missed when I checked profiles before accepting their friend requests. They were blocked but I’m sure I missed others.

I don’t want that on my page or in my life and it angers me that I actually had accepted people who thought the violence and hate was acceptable. If you fit into that group, unfriend and/or unfollow me. You can spread your hate somewhere else.


If you’ve popped on my site over the past few months you’ve seen a new homepage. I don’t like it either. 🙂 I was in the process of changing the theme of the site a few months ago when I got sick and had to walk away temporarily. The theme I had originally stopped working for what I needed. It was okay in the beginning but it’s an old theme that’s no longer even being updated by its creators. When time allows I’ll be changing it to a more permanent one. While I like the layout of this one, I’m not a fan of the colors. Hopefully I can get it the way I want it soon.

I hope everybody is doing well. Thanks for the emails asking if I’m still alive (snort). I have the best fans in the world. 🙂


Until next time,




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