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Goodbye 2016

  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I’m still trying to recover from the craziness of the holidays. My husband is home for a few weeks after working out of state for awhile so I’m enjoying my time with him before he has to leave again. Those of you who have… Read More Goodbye 2016



I wasn’t going to type a post about the tragedy that occurred in Orlando. I’ve spent the past week mourning along with the rest of the world and I know my words are just that – words. I could never adequately express my utter heartbreak over what happened. I had to turn the TV off… Read More Orlando

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Remembering Prince

I know a lot of authors are big about listening to music while they’re writing. They create special playlists for each story and can’t imagine writing even a 1,500 word short without having music playing in the background. That’s not me. I can’t listen to music while I’m writing unless it’s purely instrumental. If there… Read More Remembering Prince