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Story Updates and Reviews

Hello, all.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a ‘real’ blog post so I thought I’d do it now while I have time. There’s been a family medical crisis so my life hasn’t really been my own lately. Throw in me having the flu and some traveling and it’s been a crazy few weeks. I’m hoping to get my life back soon. It’s already almost the end of May and I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing when I had such high hopes for 2017. I still have high hopes for 2017. My main goal (outside of Willy the Kinky Elf #4 being published later in the year) is closing out the Taking Lance world. The two final stories are written. It’s just getting them ready to be published.

I’ll throw out a few updates and then I’ll move on to other things.

Book Updates 

Marrying Lance is complete and has been sent to my editor. I was holding on to it as I worked on Finding Alex to keep things consistent. There may be a thing or two that needs to be changed in Rick and Lance’s story so it’s better to wait than put it out there and have to do it later. It’s a little over 11,000 words and will be published as a freebie before Finding Alex is released. I admit to getting more than a little choked up when I wrote Rick and Lance’s wedding vows. This is what they’ve been working toward. After ‘Alex’ is published they will be no more. 🙁 It’s always hard to let your firsts go and Rick and Lance were my firsts.

Finding Alex, the first draft, is complete and I’m cleaning it up when time allows. Once I finished the story I walked away from it for awhile, which is my norm. Doing so allows me to step outside of the story long enough to come back to it with fresher eyes. I do that with every single story I write. It’s roughly 40,000 words right now but I’m really, REALLY hoping to cut it substantially. I’d love to be able to get it down to 30,000 but I don’t see that happening.

Willy the Kinky Elf #4 – Barry’s story – is just about complete. In all honesty I should’ve had it finished a few weeks ago but the above-mentioned medical emergency pulled me away. Granted, I have 6 months before I plan to publish it. I really just would like to get the story finished so I have plenty of time to tweak it before it goes up for pre-order. I plan to cap it at around 35,000 words. I’m at a little over 31,000 now.

Jace (College Encounters #2) was written last year but I’ve only recently pulled it out again. This series – and I need to stress this – is mostly erotica. While there’s usually a hint of romance only one story written (so far) actually leads to anything beyond a happy-for-now ending. Some stories will be gay erotica, some will bi-erotica, and some will be het erotica. The one consistent thing in each story is the university. Each story will be able to be read as a standalone so if you don’t like one particular sub-genre you can skip it without missing anything in the series as a whole. Characters mentioned in previous stories may be mentioned here and there but not enough to confuse the reader.

Jace’s younger stepbrother, Tyler, gets into a little trouble with the dean of the university. The parents are out of the country so Jace is the one called to fix things. This story has characters with an age difference, stepbrothers hooking up, a bit of blackmail, and some rough sex. I’ll publish an official blurb in the coming weeks. The cover’s already done. The story needs editing but I plan to publish it this year for sure. As of now it’s roughly 22,000 words.


Bad ratings and reviews roll off my back. If they didn’t, I’d be in the wrong profession. I don’t like every book I read so I damn sure don’t expect everybody to like all of mine. To expect that would be silly. I don’t believe in responding to reviews unless it’s to do the occasional thank you, though I know some reviewers don’t even want authors to do that. I respect that completely.

Every author gets bothered sometimes when they get rated low or when somebody says something harsh about something they’ve written. We’re not heartless and some do actually get to us. The last one, before recently, to get under my skin was a really harsh review of Taking Lance that attacked not just the book but the person who wrote it. I was brand new to publishing at the time and it shocked me. Not because the person didn’t like the book but because I was personally attacked. I didn’t know this person and they didn’t know me at all, which is probably why I allowed it to get to me. Since then I’ve tried not to let them affect me. I appreciate every single person who reads my books and I don’t get silly every time I get a bad rating or review. A 1 star ‘painfully bad’ review is actually what helped my Willy series take off on Goodreads. People wanted to know exactly how ‘painfully bad’ the book was so they checked it out. It turned out that quite a few people liked my warped sense of humor and wanted even more of the Willy world. This, because of a 1 star ‘painfully bad’ review on Goodreads.

Authors want and need reviews to get our work seen. They’re a necessary evil, though I’ve never been one to really actively seek them out. I kinda feel like I’m annoying reviewers if I ask them to check out one of my books so I mostly don’t do it. But trust me when I say I appreciate every single rating and/or review I get. I’ve always said give me an honest 1 star rating over a fake 5 star one any day.

We’ve established that the occasional low rating doesn’t usually faze me.  Now to the point of all of this.

Have you ever read a review and wondered if the person read the same book you did? Or that I actually wrote in this case. I even went back and reread the book – again, that I wrote – to make sure I didn’t write what is said in the review, though I remember very clearly exactly what was written and published. What’s stated is something that most romance readers shy away from, me included. I never would’ve added it to this particular book. A strictly erotica story, sure, but not a romance.

I’m the last person to complain publicly – or privately – about a review or rating. I’ve been attacked myself by some who felt the need to tell me that my opinions were wrong. Makes sense, right? Uh, no. It’s an unwritten rule that authors are to accept what’s said about their books – good and bad – and let it go. Meaning, don’t do public rants because someone didn’t like your book. That’s a sure fire way to be added to that ‘authors behaving badly’ list pretty quick. And honestly, who hasn’t read a book or three they didn’t like? That’s not what this post is about and I’d never in a million years call the person, the book, or the review out by name. I won’t even say where it was reviewed. I don’t want anything being said to this person or anybody else about it. I’m just baffled. Hate my books. Hell, dislike me. That’s a person’s right. But please don’t say that I wrote something that I know with 100% certainty that I did not write just because you didn’t like the book.

Enough of that.

Now that I’ve rambled on, I’m going to walk away, pour myself a glass of wine, and hopefully finish #4 in Willy’s World. There are only a few minor things to tie up before Mrs. Claus’ annual Christmas party so I better get a move on. 🙂 You know, it’s not like I have several months until Christmas or anything. *snort*

I hope everyone is doing well.

Until next time,



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