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Over the past week or so I’ve received a lot of friend requests on Facebook. Not one or two, but dozens. I don’t accept any request without checking out profiles first but sometimes I miss things. That’s the purpose of this post. Those who’ve been with me from the beginning already know this stuff but my new followers and Facebook friends don’t.

With that being said –

  • I’m an erotica author. I often post teasers from my books. This includes quotes and visuals that I feel go along with them. If you’re offended, instead of reporting, click that unfriend button. I won’t be offended. Really.
  • I have a habit of randomly posting photos just because I like them. They can be of men, women and couples. Some of the couples will likely be same-sex. If that bothers you, hide the post or unfriend me. Actually, if same-sex couples bother you, you should probably unfriend and unfollow me anyway. My main genre of choice (to read and write in) is gay romance.
  • I don’t discuss politics publicly – EVER. The same applies to religion and a couple of other things. I may agree with everything you have to say on certain topics but I refuse to go back and forth in a sparring match with those who don’t. There are a few things I’m very passionate about – gay rights being one – and I’ll post things about those. However, if you come on my timeline with bigoted and/or hateful comments you’ll be immediately blocked.
  • My blog posts  – that I often share on Facebook and other social media – are often NSFW. Don’t click the links if you’re bothered by nudity or sexual photos and GIFs. Some are very graphic.
  • I’m a big college football fan, most notably the Alabama Crimson Tide. I’m very passionate about my team so I tend to make that known on social media during the season. Humor me. 🙂
  • I have an editor. I love my editor. Not one person on this planet gets me and my writing like she does. I won’t be using anybody else. If you need a great editor, contact E-Write at ewriteediting@gmail.com or shoot me a message and I’ll point you in the right direction.
  • I refuse to trade reviews for reviews. I’ve been asked dozens of times since I started publishing to trade 5 stars for 5 stars. I don’t agree with that and would never be part of it. I’d rather have an honest 1 star rating than a fake 5 star any day.
  • If you want a review copy of one of my books, ask. If you have a blog or review on Amazon and/or Goodreads check out my catalog – you can find it on Amazon or all over this blog – and contact me via email at candikayauthor@gmail.com. I almost never say no.
  • What I write varies according to my mood. While I mostly write gay erotic romance, I also write het erotica and bi erotica. Quotes from my books – that I often post all over the place – will have language that may offend some.
  • I have a pen name for a reason.
  • I don’t spam people with one link after another in messenger pushing my books so I appreciate it if that’s not done to me. In the past two days I’ve received no less than twenty unsolicited private messages with purchase links for books, videos, and even makeup someone wanted me to buy. Not one of them had a ‘Hello’ or anything. It was just links. That doesn’t make me overly eager to buy what you’re selling.
  • If you subscribe to email alerts on here you can have a book of your choice from my catalog – this also applies to my current subscribers who’ve not picked one yet. Because I’ve yet to set it up where the books are sent automatically, you’ll have to let me know what book and what format and I’ll send it your way. Sometimes I go weeks without posting and sometimes I get word happy and publish either long and rambling (lol) posts or several short ones back-to-back. If you’re interested, click ‘Subscribe by Email’ on the lower right and follow instructions. If you have a problem let me know.
  • I almost always have eye candy on my blog posts, regardless of what the post is about.
  • I like red. A lot.

I’m sure I probably missed something but this is the gist of me and who I am and what I do. On top of Facebook you can also find me on Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, Payhip, and Queeromance Ink.

With all of that said…. hello and thank you to all my new followers and ‘friends’! I look forward to getting to know you all. To my other readers and fans, it goes without saying that I adore you guys. 🙂 Thanks for sticking with me.

Until next time,


Psst! Just Friends will hopefully be published in the coming days. I’ll do a post about that soon.


2 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. I’m so glad people are enjoying your books and coming to the red side, lol. Some people are great and some people just get pushy or offended easily, you write some erotica books people should expect a little naughty on your page 🙂

    I’ll second something you said from a reader/reviewer perspective – we hate authors giving bogus reviews to other authors in clear exchange for the same in return. We see who does it, we know who does it, we avoid these author’s books like the plague.

    I decided to comment because I enjoyed the post a great deal and I get it completely.

    1. Thanks, Kazza! I get a lot of, “So, you like red, huh?” Just a tad. 🙂

      I want honesty when somebody reviews my books. How else can I be helped to do better? A 1 star rating actually got ‘Willy’ noticed on Goodreads. And I’ve always said that I’ve read some ‘painfully bad’ books in my day too. 🙂

      Most people are really good but there are some who do offend easily. It’s the latter that had me writing this post. It’s better to put myself out there before there are any misunderstandings (or reportings).

      Thanks for the comment.

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