Reindeer Secrets

For those who have read the Willy the Kinky Elf series you know about To those who haven’t, it’s a site mentioned in a couple of the books. What is It’s a gossip site where secrets of the North Pole are told anonymously. I’ve done a really bad job of keeping the site updated. It now has new content and updated information. I’ll continue to add new stuff in the coming days. You can check it out by clicking the GIF below.

There is a ‘Gettin’ Naughty’ page that’s almost always NSFW. If you have naughty Christmas photos or GIFs send them my way and I’ll add them to the page. It doesn’t just have to be just photos of guys or gay couples. We’re equal opportunity pervs over at Reindeer Secrets so if it’s naughty – regardless of gender – and it’s Christmas related, it’ll fit right in.