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Question For Romance Readers

My question –

How do readers feel when a story goes back in time and guys – who already had their story told – are on-page having sex with others? I’m not talking the here and now. I’m referring to the days before these guys met their significant other.

I’ve been saying for over two years that I’m working on Finding Alex, #4 in the Taking Lance series. I’m happy to say that I’ve been writing it steadily for the past few days. I actually already have a cover done for it that I absolutely LOVE. However, I’m curious to know what the readers think about something, hence my question above.

To catch you up –

Finding Alex will be the finale of my bi-erotica series, Taking Lance. Alex and Dean were introduced in Saving Travis (#3) as an established couple who bring others into their bed. Without Alex and Dean, I’m not sure Saving Travis would’ve worked. Their bringing Travis into their bed and Alex bringing Marc in his before Dean came into his life set up the story of Travis and Marc.

In order to tell Alex and Dean’s story, I have to go back to about 4 years before Travis met Marc. Before the story is over, I may be going back 8 years to when Marc met Alex. Doubtful, though, as Marc’s part of Alex’s world wasn’t as significant as Travis’.

The others in the series (with the exception of Trusting Lance, #3.5) were written with the main characters having sex with others as they were working their way toward the ones they’d end up with. In TakingΒ and Keeping Lance, Rick, who is bisexual, had on-page sex with others – Jenna, Mandy, Travis, Aaron, Karen, and Claire. He got busy. πŸ™‚ Lance had sex in Keeping Lance with a guy in a gas station when his car broke down. There was also off-page sex (maybe some on-page? I’d have to go back and check) with Marc. Travis, a popular rent boy, had sex with quite a few guys in Saving Travis before he and Marc became a couple. Marc and Travis actually met when Travis was hired by other guys and Marc happened to be one of them.

Have I confused you yet?

Hell, I’m confused and I wrote the stories. πŸ˜‰

But those stories were told as the couples were working their way to each other. At the end of Saving Travis, Marc and Travis got together. They’re good and won’t be sharing their bed with anybody but each other from here on out. The same applies to Rick and Lance.

Finding Alex tells Alex and Dean’s story, on top of closing out the series and wrapping up loose ends with some of the secondary characters from all the books. Because they were an established couple in Saving Travis and Trusting Lance I’m just curious to know if the readers will be mad if I go back in time and have Travis having on-page sex with Dean and Alex. It’s only one scene so far – the scene where Alex and Dean meet the first time – but I don’t want to make readers angry if they feel that because Travis’ story has been told he should be off-limits in Finding Alex, regardless of when the story was set.

I could easily change Alex and Dean’s meeting where there’s no naked Travis on-page. I’m just curious what the readers think. I admit that I’ve already caught flack in the past over the fact that I’m writing a romance with a couple who bring others into their bed. There’s no jealousy or anything like that. It’s just something they do together. In defense of those who’ve given their very strong opinions on the subject, as far as I know they hadn’t read the series when they sent me the messages. Either way, I’m always open to opinions – good or bad – from readers.

I should also point out that there’s a slight chance that Vanessa (Alex’s now ex-wife) may make an appearance in Alex’s bed – in the past. Alex is bisexual, though he prefers men. It probably won’t happen because I seriously don’t want to give that woman too much page time and a sex scene would be doing just that.

This particular story has been a bit of a challenge for me for a variety of reasons, one of which being that it closes out a series that includes my very first published book. I want to make sure I end it right.

You can respond on this post with your thoughts or send me an email at candikayauthor@gmail.com or on any of my social media accounts. The links are at the bottom on the left of this post. Don’t be shy, please.

I really want to know what you guys think, even if you’ve not read the series. The question is open to anyone who reads romance, regardless of the sub-genre.

My question, again, is –Β How do readers feel when a story goes back in time and guys – who already had their story told – are on-page having sex with others? I’m not talking the here and now. I’m referring to the days before these guys met their significant other.

Thanks in advance. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I’ll be updating on other things – an Eros sale, Payhip, and Just Friends – in the coming days.

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  1. Not a fan but I’ve only read your holiday books. I don’t read bi stuff so I’m probably not the best one to answer anyway. I guess I just popped on to say Hey Candi! Love Willy. Lol!

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