Pray for Orlando

I wasn’t going to type a post about the tragedy that occurred in Orlando. I’ve spent the past week mourning along with the rest of the world and I know my words are just that – words.

I could never adequately express my utter heartbreak over what happened. I had to turn the TV off because it got to be too much. If I, a total stranger, am this heartbroken, imagine the family members and the victims.

You go to a club to have a good time. You go to have a few drinks, hang out with friends, and maybe dance a little.

You don’t go in wondering if you should’ve said goodbye to your family before you walked through the door of the club.

You don’t go in expecting to watch people die around you.

You don’t go in wondering if you’re going come out of it all alive.

Nobody should fear a night on the town.

Nobody should fear being harmed because of who they are or who they love.

I’m angry.

I’m sad.

This shouldn’t have happened.

Parents should not be burying their children.

There’s a Mr. Rogers quote that’s been going around that I’ve seen many times over the years. It says when there’s a tragedy, look for the helpers. I’m paraphrasing, but yes, look for the helpers… all the people who have come out to show their support for the LGBT community. Look for the ones who risked their own lives to save others. Look for them all… the ones who donated blood, those who gave someone the shirt off their back to try to save them… the first responders, the average citizen who didn’t know what they could do to help but knew they had to do something….

I’m not giving attention to the bastard who did it. He doesn’t deserve space on my blog.

Remember the victims. Remember the families and loved ones. Continue to remember them when the media coverage goes away. Their pain won’t disappear simply because cameras are no longer on them.

I’ll end with this… If you pray, whisper a prayer for those lost and the families and loved ones they left behind.



2 thoughts on “Orlando

  1. A number of people have been hurt by more than the bullets and hate in Orlando, feeling like this has been bushed over, not as important as other shootings/attacks. That it’s been overlooked or given different meaning than what it is, a targeted hate crime against the LGBTQ community. Allies are needed to stand up and be heard by those who are hurting, by those who need to hear the support that definitely exists and for it not to fade away and be forgotten. There are many people who are going to need support for a long time to come and I hope it’s there for them.

    Thank you so much for this post.

    1. It was definitely a hate crime against the LGBTQ community. It absolutely makes me ill that someone would do so something so horrible. My heart breaks for what the families are going through – what they will continue to go through. The allies need to get loud and we can’t let it fade away to be forgotten. Like I said in my post, I wasn’t going to do a blog post because there aren’t any words that can adequately convey how I feel. But then I realized that I needed to say something… and we need to continue saying something.

      Thanks for your comment, Karen.

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