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Marrying Lance (#3.75 in the Taking Lance Series) – Now Live


I’m happy to announce that Marrying Lance has been published. My original plan, as some of you know, was to get Rick and Lance married and to tie up loose ends in the Taking Lance series in Finding Alex, the final book in the series. I went back and forth on that for a long time – hence why it’s taken me so long for me to close the series out. One day it just clicked that getting the guys married in a book that’s not devoted to them wouldn’t be fair. It wouldn’t be fair to the characters nor would it be fair to the wonderful readers who’ve been following the series. And honestly, it wouldn’t have been fair to me, the author, either. I love these guys. They were my first characters in my first published book. Rick started the series and I knew beyond doubt that he needed to be the one closing it out. With that being decided, I wrote Marrying Lance so the readers could see the wedding through Rick and Lance’s eyes – not that of Alex or Dean. The wedding actually does take place in Finding Alex but it’s told in another character’s point of view.

Marrying Lance isn’t the end of Rick and Lance’s story – that happens in the next book – but in a way it is. The wedding is what I’ve been leading up to since I decided at the last minute to change a line in Taking Lance that would turn it into a series instead of just a single bi-erotica short.

Thank you to everybody who’s read the books and asked for more of Rick and Lance. Thank you for your patience when it looked like I’d never get these books written and published. It’s bittersweet to say goodbye. I believe that played a big part in my not finishing it before now. I really love these guys and it means the world to me that some of you do as well. As always, new download links will be added as they become available.

Blurb –

Rick Preston and Lance Scott are finally ready to make their relationship official. With only their closest friends in attendance, they’ll be saying their wedding vows in an intimate ceremony. When Lance insists on going traditional, Rick reluctantly agrees to not see him in the twenty-four hours leading up to the wedding. Only a few hours in, Lance is already regretting that decision. With Lance’s nerves getting the best of him, and Rick’s determination to see his man, traditional quickly goes out the window.
Marrying Lance is Part 3.75 of the Taking Lance series. The wedding will also take place in the finale of the series, Finding Alex, but told in another character’s point of view. Marrying Lance is a thank you to every reader who has followed along with Rick and Lance and are eager to see them finally get their true happily-ever-after – in their own words.
Approximately 11,000 words.

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