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All Romance (ARe) Closing

I’m sure that by now you’re already aware of the fact that All Romance Ebooks will be shutting down at midnight on December 31st. The authors and readers were only given 3 days notice of this. That’s insulting enough but what’s really insulting is the joke of a payout they are offering the authors for 4th quarter royalties.

.10 on the dollar.

Yes, you read that right. For every dollar in royalties earned the authors will only get a dime. Readers have already paid full price for the books but every bit of that money, with the exception of a dime on each dollar, will be kept by the powers that be at ARe. Tell me, how is that fair? It’s not. Authors published books on the site believing we’d be paid what we’re rightfully owed. Readers purchased the books believing they were getting the product they paid for and that the authors would actually get paid for that book. It’s not our fault that they are having financial problems. We did our part in good faith. It’s not fair that we should be getting screwed over because of poor financial planning on their part.

The 4th quarter of 2016 has been my most successful since I started publishing in April of 2014, with a majority of those sales being on All Romance. So, I’m looking at losing quite a bit in royalties if I agree with the measly .10 on the dollar that they insultingly expect us to accept.

I won’t accept it and because I won’t I can likely kiss all my royalties for October, November, and December goodbye. They threw out bankruptcy if we don’t accept the crappy settlement offer so personally I don’t see me or any of the other authors getting any of the money owed to us.

There was no talk or even hints of All Romance shutting down. As recent as this week they were sending out advertising emails to authors and publishers trying to drum up advertising revenue for 2017. Are the authors and publishers who paid for advertising losing that money too? I’m going to guess yes because of the way all this has been handled.

I’m angry, as I’m sure you can probably tell.

All of my books have been removed from the ARe site. I chose to remove them early because it was made clear in the email sent to us that they considered the royalty period to have ended on December 27th. This is December 28th so I’m guessing any purchases made between now and the 31st will have all $$$ going to the site and not the authors who wrote the books.

With that being said –

If you’ve purchased any of my books on All Romance, and have been unable to download them, email me a copy of your purchase receipt for the book (s) and let me know what format you want and I’ll send the book to you. It’s not your fault the owners of ARe decided to screw everyone over and I damn sure wouldn’t want you to lose a book of mine that you rightfully paid for.

Send the receipt (s) to I promise to get the book (s) to you as soon as I can.

I had typed an end of the year post but I’ll be holding off on publishing that for a few days. All of this with ARe hit all of a sudden and I’m still trying to deal, as I know a lot of other authors are as well.

I hope you all had a great Christmas. I’ll catch up with you soon. Promise. 🙂

Until next time,



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