I woke up Monday morning to the horrific news of what happened in Vegas. I’d actually gotten text alerts throughout the night but I didn’t quite understand the magnitude of what had occurred until I got up and turned on the news.

It absolutely disgusts me that people can’t even go to a music festival or a nightclub or anywhere else these days without worrying about some idiot opening fire. This post isn’t about gun rights or politics so please don’t leave comments or email me about that. It’s about the sad fact that there are such evil people in the world who care so little about others that they do stupid shit like firing guns into crowds of innocent people.

There’s no excuse for it.

In June I was in Orlando. My husband was working there for a few weeks so I went down Father’s Day weekend. I knew I couldn’t go to Orlando without going by Pulse nightclub. I almost didn’t get out of the car but my husband told me that if I didn’t I’d regret it later. Knowing he was right, we parked and we got out. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life. All those innocent people killed. For what? I’ll never understand it, just like I’ll never understand why the people were killed in Vegas.

This man looked like the man next door. He didn’t look like an evil person or a monster. He looked like one of us. Monsters don’t hide under the bed anymore in just our imaginations. They’re living among us and it makes me ill, and honestly, it scares me.

I also learned the bad news about Tom Petty. Another part of my teenage years gone. Damn the Torpedoes will forever be a favorite. I still have my original copy somewhere. Some things are special. That old tape is one of them.

My heart is broken for a lot reasons today. My thoughts and prayers go to everyone affected by what happened in Las Vegas. As for Tom Petty, I’ll be listening to his music tonight as I again remember my younger years, just as I did when we lost Prince, George Michael, and others.

Hug your family a little tighter tonight.


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